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Should You Hire a Home Security Expert?

blog-default What Do Home Security Experts Do? Home security experts—sometimes referred to as "home security consultants" —develop safety and security plans for individuals as well as property managers. Home security experts take a comprehensive look at home safety and security to offer crime prevention solutions to clients. They help homeowners and property managers develop solutions for improving physical security by performing comprehensive security audits and risk assessments. By using statistical analysis, plus in-person investigations of homes, home security experts identify specific risks and threats and develop customized security strategies based on what they find. Benefits of Hiring a Home Security Expert If someone really wants into your house, they can almost always find a way. But hiring a home security expert or doing your own home security audit can help you make it so an intruder has to work harder to get in, and will make plenty of noise doing so. Burglars almost always choose the easy target, and it's important you make sure your home isn't that easy target. When you hire a home security expert, he or she will take an objective look at your home security, identifying vulnerabilities you may have overlooked, such as an unlocked storage shed (filled with tools that can aid in access) or a child's outdoor play set that puts high windows within reach. What Will a Home Security Expert Examine? •    Main entry door •    Side and rear doors •    Sliding glass doors •    Garage doors •    Basement doors and windows •    Ground floor windows •    Upper floor windows •    Exterior/landscaping/alley access •    Fire/carbon monoxide risks How Do Home Security Systems Fit In? Typically, when you hire a reputable company to install a monitored home security system, the company will do a thorough assessment of your home's security before installing the system. That's because the various sensors and alarms that make up the system should be placed to maximize security coverage of your home. This is generally included in the cost of having a monitored home security system installed. If you hire a home security expert not affiliated with a home security system provider, you will have to make your own arrangements for a home security system if you should choose to invest in one. Conclusions A home security audit is a good idea—whether you have one as part of security system installation, hire a home security expert, or choose to do your own audit. The Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services in Ontario, Canada, has an online Home Security Audit Guide with questionnaires and useful information about assessing home security risks and helping keep homes safe. It offers several inexpensive and do-it-yourself suggestions for helping reduce the risk of burglary and maximizing home security. In the U.S., many consumers have a security audit done as part of home security system installation. This is a convenient way to identify vulnerabilities and address them at the same time through optimal use of security system components. But even if you choose not to install a home security system, it's a good idea to assess home security periodically, if for no other reason than to prevent complacency about your family's safety.