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The Automated Morning

automatedmorning For many people, morning routines usually mean waking up earlier than you may want to -- but what if you could wake up each morning to an automated home that allows you to take care of everything before you even get out of bed? After all, there’s really nothing better than being able to wake up and relax in bed for a few extra minutes before facing the day. There are many smart products out there that help make every morning easy, which means you get to start each and every day off right. Take a look at how these things automate your mornings so that you can get that few extra minutes of coziness in your bed.

SmartThings ®

Say good-bye to groggily walking into things before you’ve had your morning cup of joe. SmartThings has a line of products that all work to automate your home from one simple, extremely smart phone app. Their products either plug into existing outlets or are brand-new outlets altogether that allow you to monitor and control your small appliances, lights, and even keep a close eye on any irregular movement in your home. You can pick one of their preset packages or build your own set-up that matches your home perfectly. Before you get out of bed you can turn on the lights, coffee machine, toaster oven, maybe even feed your pets, and more. They have products for the outdoors, too; which means you can think about turning on garage heaters and lights in the winter so you’ll be able to walk right into a warmed-up vehicle. Mix and match their products to suit your preferences, and get your mornings going before you even get up.

Smart Thermostat

Temperatures can often change dramatically overnight, which means waking up to warmer or cooler temperatures than you’d personally like. Smart thermostats, like the Honeywell ® Wi-Fi Smart thermostat, enable you to change the temperature of your home without being in front of the thermostat hub. If you wake up to a cold home, you can turn the heat up or on before you get out of bed, giving you a comfortable temperature to get ready to. Although perhaps it’s time to start a new morning routine that includes taking care of your home before you leave. Turn off your heat or AC in the morning when you wake up to make sure it’s off while you’re gone so that you can help save money on your energy bills.

The Mimicking Sunrise

When you go to sleep, you probably draw your curtain or shut your blinds to block out any light. If you wake up after sunrise, the slowly increasing light might gradually awake you in your room. This is a wonderful way to wake up. So if you wake up before the sun, you miss out on the naturally relaxing “alarm clock” of the sunrise. However, there’s no need to feel left out just because your schedule doesn’t coincide with the sun’s. With smart light bulbs like the Lumen ™, you can wake up to a mimic sunrise that will slowly and comfortably wake you from your slumber. Set them for a specific time, and then watch as they work like magic every morning, waking you up the way nature intended to. You can set the Lumen to whatever color you like, which can really change up the ambience of any room. Perhaps you’d like to wake up to a blue morning. Go for it. Not only does the Lumen help wake you up with a sunrise mode, but it also lasts about 30 times longer than most light bulbs while using five times less power. When many people start waking up in the morning, it sometimes takes them a bit to get fully acclimated to their surroundings. Their thoughts are cloudy, their eyes are heavy and their reflexes aren’t at 100%. Home automation has made it so folks don’t have to rush to wake up in order to accomplish a variety of tasks. Mornings have become more relaxing and that, in turn, often means a calm, relaxing, refreshed day ahead.