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Costume Conundrum: Tips for finding safe Halloween costumes

Posted: October 04, 2016

Every year around this time, countless posts are published about Halloween safety — and that’s a good thing. There are tons of unique seasonal considerations that even veteran parents may never have thought of. But in this post, we’re taking Halloween tips further and looking closely at costume safety.

What many parents are not aware of is that there are many aspects of costumes that should be scrutinized to help make sure your Halloween is a safe and happy one. Below are steps to help make sure that your family’s Halloween costumes are only scary if they’re supposed to be.

1. Make sure they shine…or at least reflect

Reflective and lighted accents not only help drivers see your ghouls and goblins, but they also help you keep track of them amongst a flurry or trick-or-treaters. Ideally, have them on both the main costume and any accessories.

short and sweet costumes

2. Keep it short and sweet

Costumes that drag on the ground are an accident waiting to happen. High heels are another no-no. Avoid trips, falls and scraped knees interfering with the festivities.

3. Take deep breaths

Make sure costumes allow kids to get enough air — even if this means doing a little carving on the mask in addition to your jack-o-lantern. Masks should allow for airflow and ventilation.

keep your eyes peeled

4. Keep your eyes peeled

Many costumes leave a lot to be desired when it comes to visibility. You may need to modify eye holes so that trick-or-treaters can see their feet when they walk as well as their general surroundings. This includes not only being able to see straight ahead, but also peripheral vision.

5. Consider the exit strategy

Many trick-or-treaters still need frequent restroom pit stops. Don’t cause an accident by buying a costume that requires an engineering degree to exit. You also want to be sure a speedy exit is possible if there is a close encounter with a jack-o-lantern candle.

dont fall on your sword

6. Don’t fall on your sword

Or at least make sure it is made of a soft, flexible material. Most accessories today are more safety-oriented, but check them out to be sure.

7. Don’t make rash decisions

Test face paint in advance to make sure it doesn’t cause a rash or other irritation. Make sure to leave it on for at least 30 minutes and test at least a few days in advance in case there is irritation.

flame resistant costume

8. Make sure they are flame resistant

Insist on costumes made of flame resistant material, but also be sure to use flame resistant fabric if you hone your creative skills and conjure up your own costume. Store-bought costumes that are flame resistant should be clearly marked. There are many aspects of safety to consider as you prepare for Halloween when spirits are high and guards are down. Other than costume safety, be prepared by giving thought to personal safety and property safety.

Plan ahead to help make sure your family’s Halloween is a success and the only aches afterwards are tummy aches.