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Want to Have the Coolest House on the Block? Start By Being the Best Researched House on the Block

blog-default If you do a Google search for “home security,” there’s no doubt that you’ll get thousands of results -- most of which are companies trying to sell you the latest and greatest home security technology. While that technology might be the greatest thing since sliced bread—or even the iPhone—it’s going to take a little more than a simple Google search to find what’s best for your home. By thoroughly researching your options, you can make sure that the technology actually fits your needs, your style, and your budget.

Why Research Is Important

Besides the obvious fact that you could end up with a product you don’t want or need, there are many reasons why you should always research new technology:
  • Quality
The number one reason you should do your research comes down to quality. With home security, you don’t want to waste time or mess around with a product of poor quality. If you’re like most people, you depend on that technology to work correctly when something happens. Read customer and professional reviews of products and services before you commit to anything.
  • Price
Researching will allow you to find the best possible price on products and services. You can often find all of this information online, but in some cases, you might have to go into an actual store to speak with an expert. Don’t just visit one place. The more research you do, the more likely you’ll find the best price.
  • Is It Up to Date?
Finding the newest security tech for your home means you have the latest and best versions of products at your fingertips. Criminals have a harder time with new technology because they haven’t had time to figure out a way around it.  

Home Tech Blogs and Websites

Any website like Reviews.comCNET.com, or Consumer Reports Online are great for doing research, but there are many other websites out there for research. Here are a few other great tools to use when you’re researching. BHSC is a great resource for anyone doing research on home security tech. The site brings together experts and consumers to review and spotlight new technology, companies, and products in the home security industry. If you want a comprehensive site that covers all aspects of home technology (entertainment, lighting, security, etc.), Electronic House is the site for you. Here, you can find product guides, reviews, professional advice and a place to find professional installers in your area. This website is one of the best resources for people interested in home safety and home improvement. It offers all kinds of information on everything from appliances and security systems to good household tools and office supplies. Another great site (The Sweethome is actually a spinoff of this website), The Wirecutter provides information and reviews on all kinds of technology from TVs and mobile phones to smart thermostats and software. If you need any information on any technology that’s related to home security, The Wirecutter is the place to go. The amount of information on the Security Bloggers Network is astounding. Almost anything you need to know will be on this website. Also, if there’s any new tech that hits the market or is in the works, chances are you’ll be able to find some information about it here. Run by Martin McKeay, Network Security Blog is all about security and privacy. The security that McKeay focuses on is cyber security and, as we all know, keeping your digital life safe is just as important as keeping your home safe. Although Extreme Tech has information about any kind of new technology, they do a good job of covering home security technology, and other types of security technology. If you want to hear about something new, check out the website. These research tools are just a few of the thousands out there. Whatever you read, take the time to find out if it’s coming from a reputable source. After you’ve done your research, you’re now ready to take your home to the next level.