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What to Know Before You Move to Annapolis Maryland

blog-default Annapolis is the state capital of Maryland and has a rich history stretching back to the very beginnings of America. If you're planning on moving there, however, you need to know a lot more than city history. Here's what any new Annapolis resident needs to know.

Basic Facts Annapolis has an overall population of 38,394 individuals, according to the United States 2010 Census. It's not only the state capital of Maryland, but also the county seat. As a result, Annapolis residents often find that most state services they need can be visited directly. It's also less than 30 miles from both Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, making it part of the D.C.-Baltimore metropolitan area.

Local Economy The city of Annapolis is built around two major industries: The Naval Academy for which the city is famous, and the state government. There are other major employers in the area, such as Aeronautical Radio, Inc. and Anne Arundel Medical Center, and the city’s economy is generally strong.

Medical Attention The two major hospitals in Annapolis are the Anne Arundel Medical Center, which is the central hospital for the county, and Children's National Medical Center. Both offer a wide spectrum of care, and there are other medical facilities in the city for non-urgent needs. It's unlikely in most cases that you'll need to go outside the city for medical care.

Schools Schools in the Annapolis area are part of the Anne Arundel County Public School system. The school district is widely considered one of the better in Maryland, with several of the elementary schools in particular seen as among the best in the state, according to SchoolDigger.com.

Getting Around Annapolis has a bus system for easy transit around the city, but there's no subway or light rail for commuting. If you're looking to get around, especially to points of interest in the suburbs, you should have a reliable car, especially if you want to visit nearby cities. When moving to any city, it's important to think about your family and their safety. New residents are particularly vulnerable to crime as they aren't yet familiar with the area. If you're moving somewhere new, you're already taking a chance. Why compound the risk? Call Protect Your Home today to experience greater peace of mind tomorrow.