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What's the Cost of Peace of Mind in Your Own Home?

Posted: August 26, 2014

Generally, you pay for security based on the level of protection you need to feel safe in your own home. For some, it’s as simple as owning a dog that barks when strangers enter the yard. For others, it means high-tech security systems they control on their smartphone along with automatic gates, and fingerprint scanners. Whatever options you decide to go with, you can take comfort knowing there are a wide range of options. We’ll classify different options of home security in three categories: low, mid, high—each respectively assigned for what you need to feel secure. You’ll generally pay more for higher security, so you need to gauge what protection you’re willing to pay for in order to feel secure. There’s no wrong answer as long as you think through the process and think about where you live and the likelihood of needing high security.

Low-Level Security

The classification for low-level security doesn’t mean the security systems are substandard or inadequate. Low-level security systems are generally low-cost, low-maintenance, and somewhat easier to breach than higher, more expensive security systems.

Chain Link Fence

A 50’ foot roll at about 4’ height will run you about $100. Keep in mind the expenses for installation, too.  If you want the fence to help secure a guard dog or to help prevent intruders, you’ll want to install an 8’ fence at the very least.

Remote Control Garage

If your garage door is still manual, you might want to consider installing a remote control or keypad garage door system to help ensure a protected entrance. Systems run from about $150-$1500.

Dead-bolt Locks

Your typical door handle lock only helps prevent someone from turning the handle, whereas a dead-bolt lock is installed into the door itself and can be the best method of prevention from an intruder. These can run anywhere from $10-$300.

Mid-Level Security

So, is it time to up the ante, and pay a bit more for further protection? These options are for those who would like to add a few more lines of defense against intruders. Among the list are applications that use more technology and rely less on physical boundaries for protection:

Keypad Door Lock

An upgrade from the deadbolt, the keypad door lock requires the person gaining entrance to type in a code, and then use a key for the deadbolt, before opening the door. This is another added level of protection and it runs at about $100-$500.

Mid-Level Security System

A mid-level security system will sound an alarm if someone enters the home that hasn’t typed in a necessary code. You can receive a notification on your cell phone if someone breaks in. However, these alarms won’t contact the security company to notify authorities. These systems cost anywhere from $200-$600.

Motion Sensor Lighting

As you use more advanced technology for your security, you’ll also think more about what can deter an intruder. Motion sensor lighting and strategic light placement outside your home can help stop potential intruders from moving any further. Motion sensor lights cost about $100-$200.

High-Level Security

This level of security might be necessary for those who live in nicer, more expensive homes or perhaps for people who live in more dangerous neighborhoods. However, these systems aren’t limited to expensive homes and dangerous neighborhoods. If you need further security to have peace of mind about your protection, then these items might just be the things for you:

Security Cameras

Security camera systems range in scope and price depending on a few factors (Ex: How many cameras you want? How much data you’ll want to keep, and what quality visibility you’ll want?) Price: $500-$8500.

Automated Door Locks

Forgot to lock the door when you left for vacation? An automated door lock system would allow you to lock the door from your mobile unit. Whether you’re home or not, this system gives you complete digital control to help ensure that your home is locked whenever you want it to be. Quotes for a monthly plan begin at around $70.

High-Level Security System

Silent or alarmed, a higher-end security system will alert both you and the security system provider about any breach of door, window, or any other access points into your home. With a silent alarm, you are better able to catch the intruder rather than scare him/her away. When you pay for these systems, you garner the full support of a security system company. Cost for a high-level security system will often depend on your actual house and how long you plan to live there.  You’ll have to contact the security company for an appraisal on your specific unit or check out a pricing guide.

While spending more on security devices and systems will generally be more fruitful, you may find that the least expensive options are the best suited for your home. Take some time to really evaluate what it is you need. If that proves to be difficult, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional.