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At times, it’s easy to look around you and feel suffocated by all of the technology. Apps for this and that, voice recognition, a ridiculous amount of home automation—so much to wade through. All of these advancements are supposed to make life easy, right? While we can’t promise that life will become simpler with every piece of technology that you adopt, we can assure you of this—the ADT Pulse™ mobile app will give you more control of your home security than you’ve ever had before. If you have not already done so, download the ADT Pulse mobile app for iOS and Android.

The ability to arm and disarm your ADT Pulse home security system from anywhere. Never again will you have those moments of uncertainty, wondering if you forgot to lock the door. Simply do it from your app.

You can view your indoor cameras. Pull up your ADT Pulse mobile app and take a peek at the live stream or view any motion clips. A current view inside your home provides peace of mind.

You have the ability to view your sensors. You can look at all of your functioning sensors and see if there has been any recent activity related to your doors or windows.

A historical account of activity. View your status history and see who has been coming and going and when it took place.

Improved capabilities to check on any issues with your system. The ADT Pulse mobile app alerts you of any issues, such as open windows or doors.

When you open the ADT Pulse mobile app, you will see your Dashboard. This screen shows you the current status of your security system. With a simple click, you can arm or disarm your system. Immediately below the Arm button, you see a live view of the default camera(this can be easily modified within the ADT Pulse mobile app if you prefer a different camera view). The live stream shows you what is currently happening inside your home. Simply select the arrows at the bottom of the camera and you will be granted a full-screen view, complete with additional camera options. At the bottom of the Dashboard, you will see a list of current sensors, weather information, ADT Pulse Tips, and Pulse FAQs. ADT Pulse Tips offers advice that can help you make more of your ADT Pulse security system. Pulse FAQs allows you to find quick answers to common questions, such as “When will my camera record?” The Dashboard is clean and equipped with easy-to-absorb information to help you manage your security system.

At the bottom of the Dashboard, you will see an icon labeled All Activity. If you select this, you will see a list of security-related activity from your connected home security equipment.

Security-related activity includes:

  • Open windows and doors
  • Tripped sensors
  • Modifications in camera settings
  • Alarm occurrences
  • User changes to your Pulse account
  • Changes in security settings

Additionally, you can filter this view to show activity over four time periods:

  • Past 24 hours
  • Past 48 hours
  • Past 7 days
  • Past 30 days

In the event that you need quick access to what has been happening in your home, the All Activity tab is a quick way to grab the information you need.

Home View gives you a blueprint-like perspective of your home. This view requires some user setup. When you initially open your ADT Pulse account, you need to outline your home in Home View in order to take advantage of this feature. The process is simple and, once set up, you can view a mock version of your home in the ADT Pulse mobile app. This visual view also indicates the placement of your window sensors, door sensors, and indoor cameras. Selecting a sensor shows you the current status of that area. If you choose the camera, you will see a live feed and have the option to view your clips and see a list of historical activity for your camera feed.

From the Dashboard, you can also access your Messages from the bottom tabs. These are messages from ADT, advising you to take action to improve how you manage your ADT Pulse security system.

In the top left corner, you will see the Settings tab, denoted by three horizontal lines. Selecting this option gives you a number of options for managing your ADT Pulse security system.

Here, you can set your Home mode. Mode options include:

  • At Home
  • Out for the Day
  • Asleep
  • Be Right Back
  • Vacation
  • Custom modes

These modes enable or disable certain security features. For example, selecting At Home will disable your indoor sensors so that you can move about freely without setting off an alarm.

  • Within Settings, you can also
  • Take a look at your Sensor Activity
  • View your connected home automation devices
  • Browse through tutorials
  • Check out helpful tips
  • Modify account settings

This is one app that you won’t regret taking full advantage of. Simplify your life with home security management, all from the ADT Pulse mobile app.