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Do you find yourself asking whether or not home security is really that important? If so, you are not alone. However, once you are educated on all the ADT monitored home security information from Protect Your Home, you will understand the true value of home security.

We would like to share this story from one of our customers with you to demonstrate how important home security really is:

My wife keeps her great-grandmother's diamond necklace in a jewelry box in the bedroom. It is her family's most precious heirloom. One day, a while back, my wife came running into the kitchen very shaken up and upset: her great-grandmother's necklace was gone! As you would imagine, this is not a piece of jewelry she wears day to day or would easily misplace. We searched the entire house up and down. Think of how relieved we were when we found it in our five-year-old daughter's bedroom. She had been playing in our room and innocently picked up "Mama's shiny toy."

This situation really got us thinking. We have other heirlooms in our home: an antique crystal vase that my wife is just crazy about, and original documents from World War II, including a letter that President Harry S. Truman wrote directly to my grandfather. We would be crushed if any of these items were stolen or damaged.

That is when we began educating ourselves on ADT home security information. We had a long conversation about home security and alarm systems. Everyone has something that is invaluable to them and cherished. What better way to help keep those beloved possessions protected than a home security system that is personalized to fit your specific needs?

This is where the team at Protect Your Home comes in. ADT monitored security from Protect Your Home provides a unique approach to wireless security systems. With 24 hour-a-day alarm system monitoring centers, ADT helps keeps your home protected at all times of day and night whether you are home or not. You no longer have to worry about your heirlooms staying safe.

Now is the perfect time to set up a wireless security system in your home so it can be protected while you are away. Contact Protect Your Home, your local Authorized ADT Dealer, today to see for yourself how we can assist you with meeting your home security needs. Not only do we give you all the latest ADT monitored home security information. We also take pride in the quick and easy set-up, so you do not have to wait forever to get your system installed. Protect Your Home wants your home to be safe and will do whatever it takes to achieve this – we will even put in an alarm system the very next day if you need it.

We will also supply you with all the ADT monitored home security info to make selecting the products and services right for you a simple, no-hassle process. Protect Your Home takes every aspect of your home security into consideration. This means smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as well as intruder alarms. So whether you are sitting in your living room recliner watching television or on the beach spending quality vacation time with your family, a 24-hour ADT monitoring center will be keeping a constant watch over your home. ADT Security has the highest customer satisfaction rating of all home security companies, so anytime your home, possessions, or family are in harm's way, you can rely on the system installed by Protect Your Home to help protect you.

Do not wait to have a scare like this customer did to see just how crucial home security is. Put your invaluable heirlooms and other belongings in good, trustworthy hands, and guarantee their safety with Protect Your Home, your ADT Authorized Dealer. Read up on all of the ADT monitored home security information we have for you, check out the system options we have, and take advantage of great monthly discounts while they are available. After educating yourself, give Protect Your Home a call today.

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