Why Buy A Home Security System Instead of A Guard Dog?

Puppy A pet can be a great and loving companion and especially comforting if you live alone. Your dog might come to the rescue if you were ever in danger, but what about when you’re not home? Would your dog know the difference between an intruder and a new friend?

Can You Rely on Your Dog to Protect Your Home?

CBS Atlanta recently conducted an experiment to see how dogs might react to intruders. Some barked, some cowered and some even wanted to play. Therefore, you can’t assume your dog will ward off an intruder. Further, as dogs tend to sleep when there is little to do and no one home, there is no guarantee that a stealthy burglar will even wake your dog.

Security Systems Do More to Help Protect Your Home

Home security systems help prevent break-ins 24 hours a day, as burglars would much rather target a home with minimal security. In fact, homes without systems are three times as likely to be burglarized, according to a Temple University study based on evidence that suggests burglars are less likely to target homes with alarm company yard signs. With a security system, an alarm will sound in the event of a break-in and emergency services will be notified promptly, if needed. Installing a security system will offer additional protection that a barking dog cannot.

Help Protect Your Family and Pet

Simply seeing your dog through the window might deter intruders from breaking into your home. But what if the intruder isn’t afraid of dogs? Or worse, what if an intruder hurt your four-legged friend while trying to break in? A home security system will help protect not only your home and belongings, but also your family members, including your dog.