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3 Benefits of Working with a Home Security Expert

blog-default In 2011, the most recent year that statistics were taken, more than 9 million property crimes were reported in the U.S. by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, resulting in $15.6 billion in property loss. Overall, larceny accounted for 68 percent of all crimes during that year. As a result, Americans across the country are becoming increasingly concerned about the threat of residential burglaries. The FBI notes that a burglary occurs somewhere in the U.S. every 15.4 seconds, which underscores how essential it is to take precautions to guard against this and other dangers throughout the year. With comprehensive home security systems, you can gain a layer of support during times of duress and feel protected against a wide variety of dangers that could impact the health and well-being of your loved ones. But, before you can reap the benefits of these devices, you first need to find a knowledgeable and dedicated home security expert to work with who can provide you with insight as you shop for the right security alarm to meet your needs. Consider these three benefits to working with a home security expert to determine whether this is the right choice for you!   1. Access to latest technology Home security experts often work for companies that specialize in safety and emergency preparedness. As a result, these individuals not only have an extensive amount of product knowledge - they are fully aware of the most up-to-date technology to hit the market, which can be an asset to you.   2. Peace of mind Consider all of the vacations or extended trips you've embarked on over the years. Were you ever gripped with trepidation that your home may be burglarized while you were away? With security alarms that have been installed and recommended by a trained home security expert, you can gain peace of mind while you're outside your home.   3. Increase your knowledge of home security While a consultant is primarily there to offer insight into the best devices to install around your home, a home security expert can provide you with knowledge about the latest trends in protective devices. If you invite him or her to your home, he or she may be able to give you a detailed analysis of potential structural vulnerabilities present in your dwelling.