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How to Assemble an Unstoppable Digital Army for Your Home

smartphone-261x300 In today’s world, having a completely digitized home is about as modern as you can get. Because your home is your fortress, you likely want to have complete control over many of the things going on within -- including your home security. Check out this list of super-powered digital gadgets you can get in your home (a.k.a, your digital army) today!

The Y-Cam Cube™

Talk about high-tech awesome-ness! The Y-cam Cube™ is an internet-ready security camera that allows you to see and hear everything the camera does no matter where you are. High-quality resolution comes through at 30 frames per second, providing real-time images as they happen. A small box with night-vision capabilities, this incredible gadget is perfect for home security, especially when you have one or two important areas to focus on. Motion detection and a built-in alarm with sensitivity controls allow you to take charge and get what you want out of it. With a price tag of about $199, you can hardly get a better, higher quality individual security camera for the price.

August Smart Lock™

Keys have always been a liability. You can lose them or worse, they can be stolen. Either way, you’re locked out -- and that’s where August comes in to give us one of the coolest locks that likely anyone has ever seen. Say goodbye to your keys and hello to the new Smart Lock. This lock can sense when someone is near and will only grant access to those who have devices that correspond. This means that you can now grant access to visitors while you're gone: plumbers who need to fix something while you’re at work, guests, and so on. The August Smart Lock uses a smartphone app that keeps a record of everyone who has entered and exited your home. When you’re looking for the coolest digital gadgets for your home, you can’t get much cooler than this. According to the official website, this one will run you $199.

Heavy Duty Siren Alarm Padlock

You probably aren’t going to install a full-blown security system in the tool shed, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help protect it. Instead of attaching a standard heavy duty padlock, get a hold of one of these alarm padlocks to keep people out. These locks are designed to sound a loud alarm when they are being knocked around or struggled with. When standard locks are put on toolsheds, intruders usually just find a way to break in the wooden door or siding. Having an alarm padlock can help prevent that immediately; causing intruders to flee from the scene at once. High-tech digital gadget? Not necessarily. Helpful device? Absolutely!

Brinno Digital Peephole Viewer ™

No more squinting through a peephole to see who’s knocking: Brinno has a line-up of digital peephole viewers that turn the peephole into a digital screen. When someone knocks, you can turn on the viewer and get a clear 2.5” or 3.0” screen that’s easy to look at and incredibly futuristic. With different versions granting different resolutions and screen sizes, you can choose the best one for your pocketbook. Brinno has also created a Knocking Sensor that will sense when someone knocks and turn on the screen so it’s ready by the time you get to the door.

Nest Thermostat ™

Smartphones allow us to do the coolest things; like having access to a remote controlled, digital learning thermostat. That’s right: the Nest Thermostat is a digital machine that learns your schedules and preferred temperatures at different times of the day. You have remote access through its own smartphone app, which is great when you’re away from home or just too comfortable in bed or on the couch. It lets you know when you’re operating at an efficient temperature, which helps you save more money. Priced at around $249, there’s little doubt that you’d get that back in savings. Creating the ultimate home fortress might cost you a bit of money initially, but it’s important to remember that your home is an investment. Depending on the level of security and convenience you want your home to have will ultimately determine the level of customization. We’ve listed off these really cool gadgets, but naturally, there are tons more to choose from. Do your homework and you should be on your way to creating your own digital fortress in no time!

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