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Four Advancements in Home Automation

blog-default Home automation is blowing up. It’s causing a craze among avid tech-savvy individuals who thrive in a world where everything can be controlled by their fingertips. We’re practically living in the future we’ve all been waiting for since The Jetsons first aired on TV. While we’re still waiting for flying cars—though those aren’t too far out, really—we have finally arrived at the future of home automation. Cooler and cooler stuff is coming out by the month, so we thought we’d share these pretty sweet additions to the ever growing world of home automation.

Chatty Appliances

Nobody likes sitting around waiting for a text message response that’s never coming. Fortunately, with LG’s new HomeChat application, your laundry machines, vacuum cleaners, fridges, ovens, and more will no longer ignore any of your texts. HomeChat is an awesome app that helps you control these appliances by sending text message requests. Forgot to start laundry before you left for work but need that nice white button-up for a hot date at night? Text your laundry machine and get things going. Are you short of time but need dinner ready? While you’re wrapping up at the grocery store you can text your oven to get it preheated and ready for you right when you walk into the door. You can text your smart vacuum to check when it last cleaned up your floors. Then, tell it to clean up again.

This Light Bulb Is a Genius

Okay, if you’re quick to geek out, don’t go any further. There’s no confirmation on when or if this will ever make it to the States, but Korean company LG is currently getting things settled with their brand new Smart Lamp. It’s a light bulb, but it connects to iOS and Android devices. This thing is incredible; it can be a light-based alarm clock, it can notify you when you’re getting a phone call by flashing or pulsing to the beat of your ringtone, and more. You can even set custom brightness and even timers which can make waking up a little more pleasant—all done completely from your phone. Koreans are looking to pay about $35 U.S. dollars for one of these things, but their efficiency can allow up to five hours of use a day for five entire years. Sign us up!

Home Security Right On Your Phone

With ADT’s new Pulse Home Automation security system, you become the watchdog of your home even when you’re away. Pulse Home Automation takes an already incredible home automation system and moves its headquarters right onto your phone, tablet, or computer. With this sweet system, you become the complete commander of your home’s security system, heat and A/C units, and electrical system. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, you can unlock doors, set your alarm system in case you forgot when you left, watch security camera streams, and even operate small appliances. The future we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

Point and Switch

PointGrab’s new PointSwitch service literally puts your home at the control of your fingertips. Imagine sitting on the couch and lowering your window shades, turning on your lamps and adjusting brightness, turning on the A/C unit, or even unlocking the door for a friend, all by a simple point of your finger. This system knows when you’re present and is pretty much at your beck and call while you enjoy a nice relaxing evening with your favorite TV show or movie. To learn more about how you can save big bucks by automating your home, fill out a contact form here and one of our trained automation specialists will be happy to chat!"

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