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Security Beyond the Alarm System: Lights

blog-default You can rig your entire yard with bear traps, set a minefield from the sidewalk to the front door, or even puzzle possible intruders with a series of laser sensors – but none of that is really necessary. You’ve already got a home security system installed, so you don’t need to worry about break-ins. If a break-in happens to occur, the police will be informed, your sirens will go off, and your unwanted guests will likely vanish. However, it’s never a bad idea to add some extra deterrents to the outside of your home. Simply put: nighttime burglars thrive in the dark --so the simplest way to outsmart them is by installing a series of lights around the perimeter of your home.


For outdoor burglar deterrence, you might try using floodlights. Using small, solar-powered lights can easily light up a garden or some landscaping, but it won’t completely illuminate the area. The goal in security lights is to shine lights on possible intruders. Floodlights are large, and the shine is wide, which allows you to illuminate more with less.

Yard Lights

Think of your yard as a game field: any light you can shed should only boost your overall deterrence. Now, it’s understandable that you don’t want your entire property to be seen from an airplane at night. In fact, you don’t really want to draw too much attention to your home in the first place. Thankfully we live in an era of motion-sensor lighting. Set up a few of these around the yard, point them inward, and the lights will turn on if someone starts approaching your home.  If the intruders suddenly see themselves in the spotlight, they’ll likely run to avoid getting caught.

Entrance Lights

All entrance points are privy to break-ins. This includes windows, back doors, and garage doors. Even windows on second and third levels are sometimes vulnerable; especially if a large tree provides cover. It’s good practice to have lights that will always shine at night. This tells burglars that you’re very conscientious about protecting your home. Install lights that shine over, or onto, any and all entrances. If you plan on illuminating your windows, you might consider motion-sensor lighting so the lights aren’t keeping you awake at night. Think about attaching lights at the top corners of your house where they can shine down onto an entire wall of the house.

Inside Lights

The amount of light inside your home can also help deter would-be intruders. If you leave the house pitch-black at night, you run a big risk of burglars assuming you’re out of town. The same applies for having more lights on than necessary. To communicate to others that you’re home, leave typical accent lights on, including hallway nightlights. You can also get fake TV lights to leave on when you’re asleep. These sneaky little lights resemble the light omitted from TVs. Not only do they tell possible intruders that someone is home, but that they’re also awake. Home security should always extend past an alarm system. While there are many ways to keep intruders out, proper lighting can be key to help keep them away from your property altogether.