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10 Home Security Tips From Police Officers Themselves


Law enforcement officers have plenty of great advice for helping keep your home safe from burglary. Having investigated numerous burglaries, they are able to learn exactly what burglars look for and the many ways they can get inside your home and steal your possessions. Here are 10 home security tip videos from law enforcement officers themselves.

1. Boca Raton, Florida
Did you know that your outdoor motion sensor floodlights move over time? The elements can make them so they don't point where you think they do, and you should check their positioning quarterly. This video also discusses latch guards, and how to make your home security system work optimally.
2. Boise, Idaho
In this video, the Boise police department takes you through an exterior security audit and offers tips on how to do your own security audit. Many police departments offer this as a free service, so why not call your local police department and find out if they do?
3. Bradford, United Kingdom
Our friends across the pond offer some home security tips that focus on the "good fences make good neighbors" philosophy, and show how you can use hedges and fences to your advantage. There are also tips on what not to do in terms of boundary separators (like fences).
4. Chicago, Illinois
The Chicago PD starts this presentation with a "what not to do" reenactment and general home security tips, and goes on to tell you exactly how properly identifying your personal possessions can help police and your insurance company should you become a victim of burglary.
5. Dalton, Georgia
In this video, the Dalton, Georgia Police Department talks about "target hardening," or making your home uninviting to burglars. For example, cutting back hedges not only denies a burglar a convenient hiding place, but allows officers on patrol to spot suspicious activity better in the absence of overgrown vegetation.
6. Davidson, North Carolina
A Davidson, North Carolina, police detective talks about keeping your home safe when you go on vacation. The Davidson police offer free home security checks while residents are on vacation, and it's worth asking if your local police department offers this service.
7. Douglas County, Colorado
The Douglas County, Colorado, sheriff's department discusses garage and garage door security in this brief video. Some people may believe that their purse or electronics are safe inside their car when the car is in a closed garage, but this is not the case. Plenty of other helpful garage security tips are discussed too.
8. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Our Canadian neighbors also have some great tips for home security. This video is a comprehensive overview of various home security methods, including what burglars don't want people to know about how they operate. There are also great tips on securing older, double-sash windows.
9. Houston, Texas
In this video, the Houston PD does a before and after security audit on a typical house, covering outdoor lighting and vegetation, the best types of locks, the best types of doors, and how to secure door frames so that doors are much harder to kick open. There are also tips on safely storing outdoor equipment and tools.
10. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Toronto PD offers a brief overview of the "big three" security concerns: doors, windows and lighting. It also discusses the security of back doors and other secondary doors, which a surprising number of people neglect. The Toronto police suggest keeping your cell phone right by your bed to make calling for help easier in an emergency, a simple tip that can make a difference.
Law enforcement officers have plenty of good advice for ordinary people who want to make their homes more secure. Many of these tips are very inexpensive, as well as effective. Officers point out that homeowners who are consistent with home security practices and who get to know neighbors not only help keep their own homes safer, but help make neighborhoods safer as well.

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