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4 Things to Consider Before Installing a Wireless Home Security System

blog-default Wireless home security systems can have a strong appeal for both homeowners and renters alike. And they can be an effective home security solution, depending on your needs. But just like there's no product where one size fits all, there a few points to consider before installing a wireless home security system.
1. What Are the Power Options?
Many wireless systems operate largely on batteries, other than the touchpad, which plugs in but has a 24-hour battery backup. This has some distinct advantages: For example, if the power goes out, your system will still be up and running. But it also has some distinct disadvantages, like the fact that if a battery dies, that component will not function.
2. How Easy Is the System to Use?
Ease of use is crucial in any home security system; only buy and use a system that's simple and quick to operate. Otherwise, you may have problems with false alarms.
3. What Options Do You Want Included?
Many wireless home security systems have optional accessories that can be added, ranging from extra sensors to expand the reach of the system to different types of sensors that allow you to monitor not just for thieves but for smoke, carbon monoxide, flooding and other risks.
4. Who's Going to Install It?
Are you going to install it yourself, or are you going to bring in a professional to do the job for you? Wireless home security systems offer the potential to do both, and you should look carefully at which method will work best for you.
Installing it yourself can save you money, but you lose the expertise of a qualified security system technician, who knows how to assess the security concerns facing your home. As anybody who's attempted do-it-yourself projects knows, it can be a trickier prospect than it looks to get it working correctly. And the last thing you want is a bunch of false alarms waking you up or scaring your family because it wasn’t installed correctly.
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