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5 Best Accessories for DIY Home Security

blog-default A monitored home alarm system is one of the best investments you can make in the security of your home. But you shouldn't put the entire security burden on your alarm system: you also need good physical security in the form of high-quality locks, and you need good security behavior, which involves consistently securing the home overnight every time it's left empty. There are many home security accessories that you can install yourself that will further bolster your home security. Here are 5 of the most useful.   1. Intercom System for Your Front Door With a door intercom, rather than opening the door to address the person knocking, you can first speak with the person without approaching or opening the door. These are particularly handy for people with home offices who may not hear a knock, because the intercom can be installed in any room. Choose a system that operates well even with the background noise of the passing cars.   2. Motion Detector Lighting Add a motion sensor light above your garage and over pathways leading to external doors, and you can improve home security without a major financial investment. Upon detecting motion, bright lights automatically switch on. These not only make it harder for intruders to hide, they are sometimes enough to startle them into leaving. They're also great when household members arrive home after dark, making it easier for them to see their way to the door. If you aim the sensors properly, you shouldn't have problems with pets or wild animals setting the sensors off, either.   3. Perimeter Alarms Perimeter alarms are similar in principle to motion detector lights. These sensors are placed on fences and across driveways. They can be connected directly to cameras so you can see a car entering your driveway or a person entering on foot. You can also get perimeter alarms that sound a chime whenever someone triggers a sensor.   4. Magnetic Door and Window Alarms You can purchase magnetic door and window alarms that are not tied into your monitored home security system, but which sound an alarm when a door or window is opened. While these are not sufficient to replace comprehensive home security systems, they are extremely valuable for those who live with people who have dementia and are prone to wandering off. A non-tech savvy teen (which, admittedly, is rare) could also find himself or herself busted when trying to sneak out after curfew.   5. Keyless Entry Keyless entry systems can be connected to some home security systems, or they may be used independently. You can choose from systems that require a code to be entered on the keypad and biometric systems. You can even get systems that will unlock your door remotely via your phone. Keyless entries reduce worries about lost keys, and they prevent the use of key-hiding devices (like fake rocks) that all burglars know about anyway. Strong locks, a monitored home alarm system and a security-minded attitude are the main components of a good household security strategy. You can also go a step further and add numerous DIY accessories that can further strengthen your home security and make coming and going—as well as answering the door—safer and more convenient.

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