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Best Door Locks for Home Security

blog-default Home invasions, burglaries, and other threats to your personal safety can occur at any time, and when they do, it can alter significantly the way in which you perceive the safety of your home, your family, and the preservation of your most beloved possessions. There are many ways to help prevent the occurrence of burglaries, including investing in ADT-monitored alarm systems, which offer round-the-clock protection from a range of security threats. However, if you've never explored this as an option, you may be unaware of the great benefits that security alarm systems afford. For some Americans, having security alarms is just one facet of total home protection - others search for ways to enhance the safety they enjoy by engaging in renovations around their homes, which can work to tighten up security in immense ways - primarily, by investing in new door locks. If you're in the market for door locks that will allow you to improve your home's security, consider these helpful recommendations!  

Security Deadbolts

For exterior doors, the best kinds of locks in which you can invest are deadbolts, which typically should be installed between 6 to 12 inches into a keyed entry. Locks that have a six-pin keying system can act as a better deterrent against potential thieves and enable you to experience a greater sense of security. Deadbolts that include a free spinning, saw-proof, hardened-steel pin are less easy to penetrate than other types of locks, so be sure to shop for one that has this attribute.  

Bed-and-bath locksets

While not all bedrooms or bathrooms need to offer a lock, this can help people feel more confident and offers a greater sense of privacy. If you have you have teenagers in your home, they may be especially appreciative of locks. From a home security perspective, bed-and-bath locksets can help your loved ones in the event that a burglar does enter your home by creating a barrier for entry between themselves and the potential assailant.  

Staying safe

Having the right door lock will only get you so far - in order to take advantage of the additional protection that having a great door lock affords, you need to practice safe habits both in and out of your home to ensure you reap the benefits. Make sure that you're always locking your door, no matter where you plan to go. Even if you're only running down the street for a quick jog, or you're visiting a neighbor, you never know when a potential intruder may be poised to strike.