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Home Security Tips for Each Stage of Life


Home security should be a top priority regardless of how old you are. Anyone of any age can be the victim of burglary or home invasion, no matter what your living situation is, you should have a home security strategy. But based on your stage in life, you may have specific home security needs that you should take the time to address as well. Here are some of the security issues you should be cognizant of by decade.   People in their 20s: On Your Own for the First Time Moving out on your own is exciting and empowering, whether you rent or buy. But you have to be every bit as vigilant about home security in a small apartment as you would in a large family home. Renter's insurance is strongly encouraged, even if you don't think you own much of value. You'd be surprised how much your electronics, small appliances and other household items add up to.   People in their 30s: Buying Homes, Starting Families and Escalating Careers People in their 30s take on a lot. They may have careers in which they're trying to excel, they may buy a home and they may start a family. People generally acquire valuable possessions during this decade, and with a new family added into the mix, home security needs should become a top priority. In addition to comprehensive physical security in the form of deadbolts and window locks, many people in their 30s choose to have a home security system installed. When you know you've covered home security comprehensively, you help reduce risk and give your family increased peace of mind.   People in their 40s: Busy Getting Everyone Where They Need to Go As your children get older, they may stay home by themselves more, or they may come home from school to an empty house. Many families find that home security systems’ electronic keypads are a great convenience not only for family members, but for other people, like regular household workers. A state-of-the-art home security system may be far more reasonably priced than you imagine, and it can greatly increase peace of mind when children are home alone, or when you're always dashing in and out for work, running errands, and attending recreational and school activities.   People in their 50s: More Time to Themselves After children leave home, your house may be unoccupied more than it used to be. You're freer to come and go, and you may start devoting extra time to your career to help pay for college and save for retirement. Maybe your family pets are home alone more, and you certainly wouldn't want them to be traumatized by a break-in. You may need to learn a slightly different security routine, such as a set pattern of checking doors and windows before leaving. If you've never had a security system before, one can help keep your home safer now when your home is unoccupied more.   People in their 60s: Retirement Beckons Whether you're retired or not, you probably are able to engage in more recreational travel than you could when you were busy raising a family. You've worked hard, and you may have very valued possessions to show for it, such as a nice car, a terrific home entertainment system or prized antiques. When you travel more, having a home security system is a terrific adjunct to your home's physical security features, allowing you to enjoy your travel and other adventures with fewer worries.   The 70s and Beyond: Enjoying Your Independence Fully If you've retired, you may not leave home as often, but that doesn't mean your home security needs have lessened. In fact, a great home security system can help you make the most of your independence as you grow older. Many of today's systems include a wireless keychain remote that you can use to summon emergency help at the push of a button. You could be in the garden and notice activity inside the house, or you could find yourself the victim of a household accident and need emergency assistance. These devices can help protect you and your spouse, and reduce your loved ones' worries when they know you can get help easily in an emergency. Home security is necessary during every phase of life. Single people, parents of busy families, traveling retirees and older people who spend more time at home all need to pay attention to home security and ensure that their homes have physical security features and that they use them with absolute consistency. A home security system is a great part of any overall home security plan, and can benefit people of every age and in every type of living situation.