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Prepare a Winter Safety Kit for Your Road Trip

winter_road_w640   It's likely that you and the family will be embarking on a road trip this winter. Depending on road conditions, it may be a difficult drive. Therefore, it's essential to pack a survival kit in the car in case of emergencies. During wintertime, home safety isn't the only safety to consider. Know what to take The Weather Channel advised packing a blanket in your winter safety kit in the event the car breaks down and can't provide any heat. You can also purchase some hand warmers that will help keep your extremities warm while you wait for help. Keep extra car phone chargers in the vehicle to ensure that your mobile device will have enough power to contact the necessary people. If your cell phone dies or doesn't have reception, have a whistle ready to signal to any passing motorists that you're in need of assistance. In situations where your car may become stuck in the snow, you'll want to make sure you have a shovel. Additionally, invest in a few glow sticks that you can wear on your person if you have to shovel in the dark. A flashlight with extra batteries is a must for protection against nighttime breakdowns. For further safety, have some road flares or reflective signs that will inform other motorists that there's a breakdown. Ready Wisconsin suggested keeping a windshield scraper on hand. That way, if the snow continues to fall while you're waiting, you'll be able to clear your windows quickly once your car is ready to go. The organization also noted that road salt and cat litter can help provide additional traction if your tires can't grip the snow. Ready Wisconsin further stated that booster cables will be essential for restarting your vehicle. TWC pointed out that a siphon will be handy if your car runs out of gas. Bring lots of bottled water and a few boxes of energy bars and other snacks in case it takes a while for help to reach you. Remember to stay calm If you find yourself stranded in the snow, it's important to stay calm and assess the situation, then decide what the best procedure is. Be smart and avoid low-traffic back roads if you can and don't hesitate to ask for help. With proper preparation, a winter safety kit, and a calm demeanor, your family can enjoy a road trip safely this winter.

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