5 Coolest Ways to Use and Automate Hue Light Bulbs

hue-300x196 We at Protect Your Home know that home automation can sometimes feel a bit daunting. With all the different smart home appliances and services on the market, shopping for your home might be difficult! In this series, we’re here to show you what sorts of neat gadgets are out there and how they can possibly benefit your family. Today we’re going to explore the Philips ® Hue Light Bulb. Smart home devices are often capable of doing some pretty useful and amazing things – things like: locking/unlocking doors or changing your home’s temperature when you aren’t home. Naturally, that doesn’t even cover the multitude of things smart home devices can do that are both useful and fun! One such product that has the best of both worlds are Philips ® Hue light bulbs, which allow users to automate their lighting systems in new and creative ways. The bulbs can be used in a useful manner to help with notifications, security or to help save energy – or they can be used creatively to change the ambience of your living space. Here are some ways Hue light bulbs are paving the way for both fun and useful smart home devices:

1. The Next Generation of Automated Lighting

From dimmer switches to motion-sensor lighting, you probably already expect to see these kinds of capabilities from normal lighting systems. But the original Hue bulbs have the capabilities to also be used for alarms, notifications, pulsing or flashing, and can help organize your day with a lighting system. These bulbs fit into your normal fixtures and, with your smartphone, you can program the lights to meet whatever creative ideas you can come up with to use lighting to improve your day. Program your system to match the sun as it rises gradually so you have a more peaceful morning. Program the kitchen lights to flash or pulse when it’s time to take the chicken out of the oven. Or connect your system to your smartphone app to let you know if it’s going to rain that day. The possibilities are endless.

2. LivingColors Bloom

This feature of Hue allows you to add color to your house with spot lighting, and you can change those lamp colors based on the time of day, the occasion—like a dinner party—or when you want a certain color to affect your mood. Just like the other Hue bulbs, LivingColors Bloom lamps can be automated depending on when you want the lighting to change. Use these Bloom lamps to highlight certain areas of your house where you want to achieve a certain ambiance: cooler hues of blue in the bedroom, warmer hues of yellow or orange in the kitchen. Just by using a few of these lamps, you can personalize each room or area with color alone.

3. Hue Tap—Handheld Convenience

The Hue tap device let’s you preset different color schemes, turn off lights, or change lighting depending on your activity—reading, watching TV, heading to bed. While your smartphone can also be programed to automate lighting, the Hue tap is helpful to have on hand when your smartphone is charging or not nearby. With four buttons to choose from, this is a quick and easy way to automate your lighting. And, with the app, it’s really easy to change your scenes or color schemes.

4. Use Hue to Accent

Lighting shouldn’t be restricted to ceiling lights and lamps alone. Instead, you can use Hue’s LightStrips to brighten areas like flooring or shelves to highlight certain areas of your home. And the 3D printed Hue lamps create a new feeling in rooms where you’ve normally used traditional lamps that now feel stagnant. Get creative with where and how you use these.

5. Change Hue with the Seasons

Once you’ve set your lighting system with certain schemes or scenes, don’t forget to change these often. A.) This creates a variety in your living space so you’re less likely to become tired of a certain space. It’s the same way you change furniture around for a new look. B.) As the seasons change, so does the amount of daylight. Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs when, during winter, you react negatively to the shorter periods of daylight in a 24-hour span, but you can help combat this by using Hue to brighten rooms earlier and by generating warmer color schemes.  It’s clear that Philips ® Hue light bulbs are capable of doing quite a bit. Hue bulbs can remind you of tasks, add lovely colors to otherwise drab living areas, change moods -- the list goes on. It happens to be a device that embodies all the elements of a complete smart home device as its automatic features offer convenience and comfort on varying levels. So, the next time you’re out and about shopping for smart home devices, you’ll likely have a better understanding of what an efficient smart home device looks like.