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Using Emerging Tech to Hack Your Home Into a Fortress

neighborhood-300x199 Emerging technology in a home security system is becoming more and more prevalent. There are a lot of different things that you can have attached to your security system that can help beef up your protection plan and help keep your family and home safe. From lighting control to thermostat control, you’re able to build the best security system that allows you to stay in control even while you’re away.

Lighting Control

Hooking up your home lighting can be a big asset not only for home security, but also for your wallet. Say you’re having a fun night out with some good friends, and it’s getting dark. Having the ability to turn on some lights at home to make it look like you’re there can help deter potential threats. This also comes in handy when you’ve left home in a hurry and forgot to turn off some lights. Just pull up your security app and simply turn them off remotely.

Thermostat Control

Thermostat control is a new sensation in home automation. While you’re gone, you can adjust your thermostat temperature to help save money. When you’re on your way back, you can set it to a comfortable setting so that it will be ready for you when you arrive. This is particularly useful when you’re away for a number of days on a business trip or vacation, and you want to get your home back to the temperature you like it before you return.

Door Locks

With smart door locks, you are in charge of who enters and leaves your home, even while you’re away. This is especially handy when you’re at work, and your kids are getting off the bus. If they have access, the door will unlock for them. With many smart door locks, you can even grant access to anyone at any time; making it easier for family and friends to get in for a short period of time while you aren’t home. Cameras Home security is all about feeling comfortable in and out of your home. When you’re gone, you still want to feel at ease and know your home is in good hands. This is when a live-streaming camera feed will help you to feel safe, even when you’re out of the safety of your home security system. Recent advancements in smart home technology can really help families improve the quality of their lives. Instead of worrying about the vulnerability of your home while away, you can control the security level with just the click of a button. Not only does controlling your security system in real time help deter criminals, it helps to give you the peace of mind you deserve.