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Don't Work For Your Security System. Make it Work For You!

security-cam-300x224 Home security can make you feel like the ruler of your castle… that is, until you forget the passcode, accidentally trip the system and your provider sends a police unit your way. A worse scenario would be to forget to arm the system and return later to a freshly robbed home. Some home security systems just don’t do the trick, and you end up paying monthly fees for a system you don’t even use properly. Nowadays, however, everything is controlled right from our pockets (our smart phones, to be precise). Not only are they introducing systems that sync up with nearly every aspect of our homes, but they also allow us to take control with our fingertips wherever we are. Here are some ways to make these security systems work for you:

Get Smart

Until relatively recently, the best home security systems were made up from a series of connected sensors that fed into a basic hub at some entrance of the home. These systems were top-of-the-line for a long time, but they’re not very realistic for renters, and they’re definitely not the best security for homeowners. So what do you do to maintain the best security for your home? That’s easy: get smart. High-tech gadgets and security systems aren’t that out of the question as financing options are often available. Having the best and brightest equipment helps keep you connected with your home no matter where you are. In today’s world, that’s the best security you can have.

Get Locked

Safety is never guaranteed with any security system, but putting up a good fight in break-in prevention needs to go beyond the sensors attached to your door. If you’re still working with older locks, you’re unknowingly begging unwanted guests to bust right in. Install a few extra locks, and consider going technological with them. There are some cool locks out there that will let you enter even when you don’t have a key, while keeping others out. These same high-tech locks can tell possible intruders that your entire home is a fortress of advanced gadgetry and that it might not be a good idea to rob from you.

Get Visual

Part of living in a connected world is knowing exactly what’s going on around you. Whether you own a house or rent, there’s practicality in having a an eye on what’s going on inside your home when you’re not there. There are a lot of smart cameras out there designed to give you that peek into your empty nest while you’re away with a smart phone app. This isn’t going to stop someone once they’re in, but it will allow you to take a good look at whoever may be inside your home when you’re not. For some families, a simple home security system isn’t always the best protection plan. This is why you should understand what’s important to you and get smart, locked, and visual in order to get the best value in a security system. The best defense includes a variety of security devices that work together to create the best protection plan for you!