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DIY Valentine’s Decorations for Your Home

candies-300x225 February 14th is just around the corner, so now’s the time to decorate your house with fun do- it-yourself projects that will get the whole family involved and will make the house feel more festive. You don’t necessarily need to buy decorations or food that’s already Valentine’s Day- themed. Instead, you can use things you already have around the house for projects that can be a lot of fun.

Get the Kids Involved

First things first: get the whole family involved! Valentine’s Day isn’t just for spouses. The kids can get involved with the festivities too! Sure, you and your sweetheart will want to celebrate the day of; but until then, you can work on some fun projects with the kids!

Utilize Thrift Stores

While you can use a lot of items around the house already—colored paper, paint, colored pencils, construction supplies—you might need to take a trip to the local thrift store to find items you can use in your DIY Valentine’s Day projects. This is an easy way to not pay a lot and find things you can transform for cool Valentine’s Day decoration projects. For example, here’s an easy one: find medium to large glass vases and fill these with Valentine’s Hershey Kisses—or really, any Valentine’s candy. Wrap a red ribbon around the top of these vases and you’ve got several decorations to place on coffee tables around the house. And if you find small glass vases or jars, these could also work as gifts for your kids’ teachers.

Bake and Decorate Your Food

This is when you can get really creative—and you’re really only limited by your own imagination. If you’re into baking, you know that cakes, cupcakes and anything with frosting are easy to decorate. You can even spend time getting really inventive with the colors and writing you want to use. Decorating heart-shaped and cupid-shaped cookies is an activity that your entire family can get especially creative with. You’ll want toothpicks and different kinds of sprinkles available so your family can get really detailed.

Customize Valentine’s Day Cards

Rather than buying pre-made Valentine’s Day cards this year from your local pharmacy, think about designing your own. And you’re not just limited to construction paper and glue—though that’s a fine option. There are actually a lot of design programs for your Mac or PC; so you can write and design your own cards. If you don’t want to go to that much trouble, you can always buy a card that provides space for you to write a personalized message.

Build Signage with Scrap Wood and Paint

Have any scrap wood—plywood or wider pieces—just lying around the garage? That scrap wood can be perfect for creating signs with Valentine’s Day themed messages. But before you get the kids involved with decorating, make sure to sand down the face of these pieces of wood, as well as all the edges. Once that’s done, lay down a base layer of primer, then a cover coat, and then use a smaller paintbrush to write whatever message you’d like. After you and the kids are done painting, just wait for the paint to dry and then hang the sign wherever you like at home. If you don’t want to nail in new screws, just take down one of your normal pictures and use that same hardware.

After-the-Holiday Sales

Often times, you’ll be able to go to name-brand stores and buy holiday-themed products at a huge discount a day or so after any holiday. Sure, you have to wait another year before you can use some of these for DIY projects, but by thinking ahead of time, you can save a pretty penny on supplies. What’s important is that you have fun and think of things you haven’t done the year before. That way, every year you do something new, and you make a holiday that is usually exclusionary for couples, fun for everyone.