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4 Holiday Benefits of ADT Pulse

Posted: November 20, 2017

Ever since smartphones have become a staple in our everyday lives, we have been hearing the phrase, “There’s an app for that.” Well, the same expression holds true for your home security —thanks to ADT Pulse.

ADT pulse is an interactive system that allows you to control your home security and associated devices from virtually anywhere using the ADT Pulse app. With all the hustling and bustling you are bound to do this holiday season, why not eliminate some of your worries? Using a web browser or smartphone app, you can do a number of things with this smart home technology to help keep your home safe during the holidays.

ADT Pulse Holiday Benefits

The benefits of ADT Pulse include:

  • Arm and disarm your home security from virtually anywhere
  • Set customized alerts
  • Check your panel history
  • Integrate indoor cameras
  • Grant visitor access
  • Receive mobile notifications

If you’ve ever binge watched any Christmas movies, you know that the possibilities are endless when it comes to the disaster potential of the holidays. Although we can’t help you with the crazy relatives or that year-long subscription to Jelly-of-the-Month Club (for all the Christmas Vacation fans), the ADT Pulse app can help you protect your home. There are a number of holiday benefits associated with integrating this type of smart home technology.

Step up your holiday hiding game

Holiday benefit #1: Step up your holiday hiding game

If you have an especially clever kiddo, you might find it challenging to keep prying eyes away from presents until the big day. The ADT Pulse app gives you a few tools for dealing with this kind of holiday headache.

  • Using an indoor camera, you can check into the live feed to make sure your kids are steering clear of your hiding place.
  • You can set custom alerts so that you receive an immediate notification if little Susie goes in the room she was explicitly told to stay out of.
  • Keeping your security system armed to help keep any burglars from spoiling your holiday fun.

Keeping those presents concealed until the big day is part of the fun.

Extra control while traveling with the ADT Pulse app

Holiday benefit #2: Extra control while traveling with the ADT Pulse app

For many, the holidays are a time of travel to see loved ones. Let’s just hope you don’t have to deal with Cousin Eddie and his motorhome parked out front, pilfering eggnog with a moose mug. Even if that situation does arise, you can still rest easy knowing your home is better protected this winter. With the ADT Pulse app:

  • You can arm your system if you suddenly arrive miles from home and realize you forgot to do it on your way out the door.
  • You have the ability to disarm your system and grant someone access to your home. Did a package arrive that you forgot to delay? Disarm your system, let your neighbor bring in your packages, and re-arm once she leaves.
  • Your history can give you insight when your brain is frazzled by the holiday hubbub. Is your housekeeper going to help you clean in preparation for holiday guests, but you can’t remember what time she shows up? Simply check your history and you can disarm at the right time.

Travel is hectic enough. Keep those worries to a minimum with the ADT Pulse app remote access.

Extra hazard protection

Holiday benefit #3: Extra hazard protection

While you might categorize that crazy cousin as a hazard, that’s not exactly what we mean when we think of hazardous situations. With lots of extra lights going at all times and kitchens humming with holiday meal prep, you will have the extra assurance that your home is protected in the event of a fire.

With the ADT Pulse app, you can

  • Customize alarms to receive notification anytime a fire or carbon monoxide alarm is triggered. As an added bonus, ADT will be notified and will contact emergency services.
  • Access your indoor camera feed to check in and make sure things are progressing successfully— you know, without a fire.

Helping prevent damages is just one more advantage to this smart home gadget.

Pet protection with smart home technology

Holiday benefit #4: Pet protection with smart home technology

Sometimes mischief isn’t caused by kids, but rather by adventurous pets. As Clark Griswold illustrates perfectly, no one wants to deal with an electrocuted cat during the holidays. The ADT Pulse app can be a good way to keep tabs on your furry friends.

  • ADT Pulse lets you disarm your system to let in your dog walker or cat sitter.
  • With an indoor camera, you can check in to see how your feline is faring at any time.

These benefits make it much easier to ensure everyone is better protected, including your pets.

Having remote control of your security system with the ADT Pulse app means you can still meet your holiday goals — from virtually anywhere!