Security System Installation Insights

The Proper Placement of Your Home Security System

Home security system helps ensure that you have the best protection for your belongings, your family and your home in case of burglars or if there is a fire. Of course, more is involved than just buying a fire/security system. The proper placement of the control panel and the house monitors is paramount to have an effective and operational security system with the fewest false alarms possible.

Always consider the size of your home, location of doors and windows, and the number of security sensors that you need for total protection when it comes to installing your home security system. You should always have a professional technician analyze your home for the most appropriate locations of the monitors and control panels.

Control Panels

A control panel is mounted to the wall where it is not in line with any door or window view. This is to help prevent a burglar from standing outside, watching you key in your access code to turn the alarm on and off.

The control panel should be at a level on the wall that allows you to easily read the LCD control screen. It should also be positioned near the outside door you use most often so that you can enter and deactivate the system before an emergency signal is sent out to law enforcement and the fire department.

Although there are many wireless home security systems on the market, you will need a telephone line hookup so that the home security provider can help detect when there is a problem in your home.

Motion Sensor Monitors

Each monitor system consists of a sensor and a magnet. Both are placed at entrances such as doors and windows. When the magnet no longer aligns with the sensor, an alarm is set to warn that an intruder has opened the window or door.

When using motion sensor monitors for your home security systems on windows, the sensor is placed on the window itself and the magnet is placed on the frame. This so that when the window opens, the sensor moves away from the magnet and sends the signal to the control panel that someone is trying to enter through this way.

Motion sensors for doors are placed in a similar fashion as the window sensors. The magnet sits on the door frame where the door sets into, while the sensor lines the edge of the door near the magnet. Any change in this position when the home security system is activated, and the alarm goes off.

Sensors also come in other varieties. Outdoor home security systems use strobe lights that send out a beam of bright light when sensing large objects moving into range. These sensors are used in dark places where normal street lamps do not light up the areas at night. A properly installed system should be able to distinguish the size between a cat, dog or person, based on the height level, to only light up at the appropriate time.

Sensors for home security monitors can also help detect heat movement in homes. These systems must be placed carefully. Any sensor near a heat vent or placed within a constant draft will cause the sensor to be ineffective in registering intruders' heat signatures. Or the sensor will constantly send out false alarm signals every time your furnace kicks on.

The Right System For You

Always do your research on which home security systems would be the best setup for your home. Determine if you need outdoor systems or just a simple indoor one. Figure out the number of sensors that need to be installed, ensuring you include every door and window, even panes that may seem out of reach for an intruder.

Be aware that if an intruder wants in your home bad enough, they will try every access point whether it is within arm's reach or not. A high window will be just as tempting as a window on the ground level. Intruders will pile garbage cans, shimmy up downspouts or even borrow your own ladder from the shed to get into a high window so long as the window is located in a private, unobtrusive place.

Knowing the placement of your sensors, how your sensors work and how to reach your control panel will ensure that your home is safe and secure when you and your family are at home or away. Do your research concerning wired and wireless home security systems, and always teach everyone in your home how to program the system. And start living your life worry-free of intruders. The Protect Your Home website is packed with great information to ensure your family and belongings are safe.


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