Frequently Asked Questions

  • Before You Sign Before You Sign

    Before You Sign

  • Yes, a contract for ADT® monitoring is required to be signed by the account holder. The contract term is typically a length of 36-months.
    A certified Security Advisor will arrive at the preplanned appointment time to discuss security options, complete a risk assessment and tailor a state of the art system for your home. Once the installation is complete, the Security Advisor will offer an in-home tutorial, help set your ADT Pulse® app (if applicable) and answer any questions about your new system.

    In many areas throughout the U.S., we offer same-day installation. In most cases, we can have a Security Advisor to your home in 24 to 48 hours. Call 1-844-547-2594 for availability.

    Electrical, Alarm and Fire permits may be required where you live. Please contact our DEFENDERS/Protect Your Home Permits Department at 1-866-502-3559 or to learn more.
  • Billing Questions Billing Questions

    Billing Questions

  • To change your billing information please contact ADT® at 877-291-3604.
    Your first bill is charged to the payment method used over the phone when scheduling your installation. If you designated a new payment method on the day of your installation, your monitoring payments will charged to the new payment method beginning on the second payment.
    Your first bill will include a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the month your system was installed plus the total payment for next month. The amount is charged to the method of payment used over the phone when scheduling your installation and deducted immediately following the installation (within 24 – 72 hours).
  • Contract Questions Contract Questions

    Contract Questions

  • If you signed your contract electronically on the Security Advisor’s tablet, first check your email for an electronic version sent from You can also request a copy to be sent via U.S. Postal Service by calling 800-689-9554.
    Your current account will continue to be billed for 30 days after you notify ADT® of your relocation, while the cancellation is processed.
    As a part of Protect Your Home’s continued commitment to you, if you purchase a home in a Protect Your Home service area, you may be eligible to have a standard security system installed in your new home for only $99 + tax and with no additional cost for base system equipment. A new monitoring agreement will be required. For more information, please contact our movers department at 877-542-2960 during the following hours: Monday – Friday, 8am-midnight, ET | Saturday, 8am-8pm, ET | Sunday, 11am-7pm, ET
    If you signed your contract electronically on the Security Advisor’s tablet, first check your email for an electronic version sent from If you completed paper versions, you can request a copy to be sent to you vis U.S. Postal Service, email or fax by calling 800-689-9554.
    If you signed your contract electronically on the Security Advisor’s tablet, check your email for a message from If you completed the contract on paper, your Security Advisor provided you with a carbon copy of the contract. Check the blue folder that was given to you at time of install.
  • technical technical_blue

    Technical Questions

  • To arm your system before leaving your home unoccupied, make sure all the zones are secure and the green checkmark is on, then press and hold the [Away] button for 3 seconds to arm the entire system. After pressing and holding the [Away] button you’ll have 90 seconds to exit your home before the system is activated.
    To arm your system while you are home, make sure all zones are secure and the green checkmark is on, then press and hold the [Stay] button for 3 seconds to arm all perimeter sensors. This level of protection means that all exterior devices are armed, while all interior devices, such as motion detectors are disabled.

    If you arm the system to “Stay”, but someone still needs to leave the house (for example, your spouse is leaving for work in the morning and you arm the alarm before he or she leaves), they will have 3 minutes to exit your home before the security system is activated.

    First, ensure security system is disarmed. Then follow the steps listed below keeping in mind that if 15 seconds elapse between you pressing any keys, the system goes back to it’s main date and time screen.

    To change your master code:
    • Enter [*] [5]
    • Then enter your current [Master Code].
    • Press [4][0] and this will bring up the current Master Code.
    • Enter your [new master code] followed by the [#] button to exit to the main menu.
    To change a secondary user code:
    • Enter [*] [5]
    • Then enter your [Master Code].
    • Scroll to the user code you wish to change using the [<] [>] keys then press [*].
    • Enter the [new user code], then press [#] to exit to the main screen.

    To disarm or turn off your security system, simply enter your four-digit security code. Please note that fire, carbon, flood and all other safety devices stay on 24 hours a day.

    Before arming your home security system, it is important to make sure all of your doors/windows (a zone) are secure. This is indicated by a green check mark next to the LCD screen. If the check mark is not lit, this means a zone is not secure. In the event a zone is not secure, use the scroll buttons [<>] on the top left side of your touchpad to find any unsecure zones. A zone will usually be considered not secure if a window (a zone) is open or you have your system set to bypass a certain zone. If a zone is not secure, secure it (whether via bypassing on the control panel or by physically closing the door or window) and check the system again.

    1. Place system on a test with ADT®.
    • To place your account in test mode, please visit
      • Login using your email address and password 

        how do I test the ADT security system motion sensor
      • Click “Test My System”

        Testing the motion sensors for ADT home security system

      • Click “Play System on Test”

        ADT home security motion sensor testing
    Note: if you don’t have an account on, please call the ADT® monitoring center at 800-369-0996
    2.) Ensure you have the green “Ready” checkmark on your keypad.
    3.) Hold [Away] button on main touchpad until beeping starts.
    4.) During the exit delay beeps, open & then close a “delay” door.
    ** Ensure there is no one (including animals) in sight of any of the motions, at this time. **
    5.) When beeps expire, start a 2 minute countdown.
    ** During this time, the motion scans the room to “see” the normal state of the room in regards to heat signatures.
    This is done to prevent false alarms from heat sources that are not from an intruder. **
    6.) At the end of the countdown, walk in front of the motion (within 30 feet).
    ** There will be a 6 second delay, from the time the motion “sees” you until the siren is heard. **
    7.) Once the alarm starts, disarm system using the [Master Code].