Home Safety Tips for New Parents - Baby Proofing Your Home

How child proofing your home can protect your family

Home is where you should feel the safest. When you are a new parent, protecting your home means protecting your children. You want your kids to have a great start in life, feeling free to explore their world and new home with abandon. In order for them to do so, try implementing these home safety tips for new parents.

Use a home security system

These systems will be able to help detect if there is a fire or if someone is breaking in to your home in the middle of the night. It can be an extra set of eyes and ears. A home security system allows you to be as vigilant as possible in your efforts to watch over and help protect your new child.

Put safety covers on your electrical sockets

Babies are very curious. They love to stick things into electrical sockets almost as much as they like putting things in their mouth. These covers will block exposed electrical sockets and help keep your child from shocking themselves.

Purchase a baby monitor

You cannot stand over your child and physically watch them 24 hours a day. That is why these monitors are such a useful tool. They have models that have audio and video so you can keep and extra set of eyes or ears on your child.

Put motion sensors in child's room

If you already have a home security system, make sure that you have extra motion sensors added in your baby's nursery. This will prevent intruders from entering you baby's room undetected whether they are attempting to kidnap your child or if they are merely using their room as an entry point for a robbery.

Use safety gates

These walls are great devices to help keep your baby from falling down the stairs or going into rooms that can be dangerous. They are applicable for pets as well, so they serve a dual purpose.

Help protect them from drowning

Babies can drown quite easily. If you have a pool it is obvious that you should have it gated to prevent unwanted individuals from entering the area. You also want to avoid having any standing water around the house. It can be quite easy for a baby to drown in a bathtub even if it is very shallow.

Childproof cabinets

Babies also love to open cabinet doors. Some cabinets may contain hazardous materials that your child could accidentally ingest and become extremely sick and even die. These simple devices prevent them from opening doors that they should not.

If you are expecting or have become a parent it is highly recommended that you have a security system installed to help you protect your new child to the best of your abilities. A professional from Protect Your Home will be able to consult with you on ways to help make your home as safe as possible for your baby. If you already have a security system in place you may want to schedule a consultation with your home security company for home safety tips to protect your child. Taking this step will help you be able to relax and gain peace of mind because you know that your family is protected as well as possible.

Coupling a professional home security system with a home safety checklist consisting of the previously mentioned home safety tips helps protect your family. You cannot rely on just a security system to help you watch over your children. But you also cannot do it alone. Only through a combined effort can you provide the maximum protection for your child.


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