Keypad Panic Button Information

Keypad panic buttons are an essential part of your home alarm system. You need to know where they are on the keypad, how to use them and most importantly what will occur when the buttons are used.

How to find the keypad panic buttons

As part of a typical home alarm security system, the keypad is the operational source for you, as the owner of the system. In fact, the keypad may come with a four page list of instructions on how to use it!

They look like a number pad with a backlit LCD display that will highlight what questions you are asking or what instructions you are providing to the system. It will spell out all of the information you need to easily control your security system in understandable wording. The display generally features extra- large lettering backlit in an easily readable LCD light.

Below the number pad, there are usually three buttons. Those are the keypad panic buttons. They are usually routed to police and fire emergency stations. If you have a monitored system, those buttons should be already enabled. If not or if your system is not monitored, you will have to enable them yourself by configuring the keypad.

Configuring the keypad

Read the instructions to configure the keypad but the process is generally similar to programming most called numbers on your phone. Then after the numbers are configured, they are enabled. Once enabled, you might have one more step to perform to activate them. For example, in one system you have to press 9/F and # to activate the fire panic button.

On most monitored systems, all it takes to activate the emergency buttons is for you to press and hold the button for a few seconds (like you would to preset car radio stations). After the buttons are pressed, the central monitoring station will receive the emergency signals.

How to use the keypad panic buttons?

Once you have the buttons configured, enabled and activated all that you have to do is press them. The process is generally faster than calling 911. Then you can focus on getting out of the house or attending to the medical situation.

What happens after a keypad panic is pressed?

When you press the button from one to three seconds to notify the personnel that you have an emergency at your home, emergency services are dispatched immediately. In fact, when an alarm is received in this way, it cannot be cancelled. So, it is vital that a keypad panic button is only used in a true emergency.

Keep in mind that including the panic buttons, the digital keypad acts as the main source for operating your home security system. They are made very easy to use for anyone in your household including young children. If you want, your children can even activate the alarm when they come back from school to let you know they are at home.

The keypad panic buttons are part of your complete monitored home security equipment package.

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