Electronic Video Surveillance System

Surveillance is the French word for "watching over." According to the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports and the Disaster Center (see links below), more than 2 million burglaries are committed each year (that's about 5,500 per day or almost 4 per minute). A part of a home emergency plan should be to consider an electronic surveillance system.

An electronic video surveillance system will help do the following:

  • Protect your property
  • Watch over your home from anywhere in the world, if desired
  • Keep an eye on the children
  • Monitor who is in your home
  • Allow you to safely see who is at your door

The benefits for a CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) electronic video surveillance system include to deter thieves and to allow for a secure review of what is occurring in and around your home. This will assist you in making your home as secure as possible.

Surveillance systems are generally set up with the following components:

Video Surveillance Cameras

The cameras are mounted at strategic areas in your home such as entry ways, garages, walkways, etc. They are usually mounted high so they are not easily detected or if they are detected, they are hard to access. They are used to observe an area. Many of the cameras are tamper proof and can also swivel, pan or shift in any direction.

Image Capturing

They are connected to a recording device, IP network or observed by another party such as a security guard. Cameras and recording equipment used to be cost prohibitive for most residences and footage used to have to be monitored by humans. However, with the price of surveillance equipment decreasing, it can now affordably be used in most homes with or without a human presence. The devices record like a DVR. Automated software has made the task of viewing and organizing the images much easier than in the past. In fact, the digital video footage can be sorted into a database that can be searched. Also, instead of reams of footage to review, the recording devices can be triggered to only record when the motion sensors are activated.


You can view the video from just about anywhere. For example, the ADT monitored system secures the images and makes them available via a secure website. That means any web-enabled device will allow you to access the images from your video surveillance system.

Electronic Surveillance Packages

Many alarm system companies offer packages (which can include burglar alarm systems) that allow for a comprehensive home security system to be installed at an affordable price.

For example, you can get an indoor camera, indoor/outdoor camera, multi- camera and a DVR package.

You can also purchased enhanced equipment like a quad splitter which enables you to view four cameras simultaneously or a video duplicator where you can view video on up to four monitors.

A family emergency plan can be developed in conjunction with the video surveillance. Specifically, it can pinpoint vulnerable areas, help you determine the best exit routes to plot and possibly suggest a place to meet away from the house in case of an emergency.

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