Light Automation System

The vast majority of thieves and burglars will not attempt entry where it appears someone is at home. One way to display a lived-in look is to program a pattern into a system that will control the way the lights go on and off in your house.

Light activation by using a light automation security system can be a great addition or integration into an already existing smart home control or home security system.

These light automation systems can be situated in a central panel that controls all of the lights in your home. This is done by programming instructions into that panel. Or, with many systems, you can even have your instructions programmed via a mobile phone app!

Some examples of a light automation system include:

  • Lights that are turned on and off at a predetermined day and time
  • Having the lights automatically extinguish when individuals have left the room
  • Automatically turning on the lights when someone enters the room
  • Using a remote wireless device to turn the lights on and off
  • Controlling the brightness of the lights to the available ambient light (the color of the light of all the objects in the room) or other criteria you may have
  • Controlling the mood in the room by changing the ambient color of it
  • Establishing timed control of all lights (Some systems will calculate the daily sunrise and sunset for your city and even take into account daylight savings time.)
  • Setting outside lights to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn or other preset times
  • Having your system to turn off all the inside lights when you are gone all day
  • Having the system simulate a lived-in look when you leave for the evening by leaving key lights on. Program the lights to a routine that varies each day and evening you are gone.
  • Having the lights flash if the doorbell rings or the phone begins ringing
  • Making sure the lights turn on if your security system detects an intruder

You will not have to worry about ever coming home to an unlit house if you have the phone app or a remote. With the press of a button you can switch the lights on from your car.

Some of the other benefits of smart lights in a lighted automation system are that they are easy to install and can be integrated into any home security system.

During the holiday season, Christmas light automation can also be installed to add an extra measure of a lived-in quality to your home.

Other components of a solid home security system include:

  • Motion sensors that can help detect the movement of potential intruders both inside and outside of the home
  • Glass detection sensors that can sound a loud alarm in your home if someone gains entry by breaking glass that is monitored by the sensor
  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors that can warn you of dangerous levels of those substances

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