ADT Monitored Home Security Equipment

ADT Monitored Smart Home Security Equipment

Adding smart home security devices help you automate your home and your life. These home security equipment options help you check-in at home from virtually anywhere with just the tap of a screen.

Answer your front door from virtually anywhere with the wireless ADT Video Doorbell. Clear HD video allows you to see who is at the door and communicate in real time through two-way audio. The ADT Video Doorbell Camera records doorbell and motion-activated video clips for you to view later—which is great for when you’re away from home, or unable to come to the door.

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Manage who comes and goes through your front door with the ADT monitored Smart Lock. Lock and unlock your front door from virtually anywhere with the wireless Smart Lock and the ADT Pulse® app on your smartphone. Grant keyless entry to guests through the app or create key combinations for regular visitors. With keyless entry, you’ll never get locked out again.

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Keep an eye on your home, in real time, from virtually anywhere in the world with state of the art ADT security cameras. The image capture and video surveillance system detects motion inside or outside of your home and sends a notification to your phone, keeping you updated throughout the day.

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ADT Monitored Life Safety Equipment

Securing your home from intruders is one side of feeling safe in your home, but there are other potential hazards to consider. Our top 3 ADT-monitored home security products can help alert you when something is going wrong.

Due to the nature of carbon monoxide, it is almost impossible to detect without a detector. Our state of the art carbon monoxide detector will alert your family when unsafe carbon monoxide levels have been reached. Having a smart and connected detector is essential for every home.

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Protecting your home, valuables and memories from irreversible water damage is tough when you’re not at home. When a leak occurs or a pipe bursts, our wireless flood detectors will trigger your home alarm system, informing our 24-hour ADT representatives to contact help.

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Protect your home in the emergency of a fire with our dual heat technology smoke detector. Any abnormal spike in temperature will trigger our Heat Sensing Smoke Detector, immediately notifying our ADT monitoring staff. Stay relaxed away from home knowing our ADT-monitored security system has you covered.

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ADT Monitored Home Security Basics

Get the essentials needed to help protect your home. Our home monitoring equipment connects directly with ADT to help make sure your home is protected at all times.

The PIR Motion sensor is designed to detect body heat and movement in large areas, activating your alarm. Sleep easier knowing your first floor is equipped with the added protection of a motion detector.

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Help ensure your home’s primary entry points are protected at all hours of the day. Using advanced magnet technology, our door alarms and window alarms will activate your security system once the magnets are separated.

Window Sensor Door Sensor

Our home security panels and touchpads make accessing help as simple as pressing a button. With 24/7 monitoring, ADT representatives are able to contact the appropriate services as soon as you press the emergency button. Stay protected 24 hours a day.

Home Security Panel

ADT-Monitored Home Protection On The Go

We all want to feel that our home is safe, even when we aren’t in it. Thanks to a suite of home security equipment and devices, ADT Pulse can alert you when any of your sensors are triggers.The ADT Pulse app gives you control over home security cameras, the ability to arm and disarm your system, and access to your home’s status on any compatible device.

Burglaries can happen fairly easily through the garage due to the fact that garage door security is often overlooked by homeowners. Help keep your home safe with a garage door sensor that will remotely alert you when the garage door has been open.

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The security keychain remote, about the same size as a car key fob, allows you to arm, disarm, and activate your alarm virtually anywhere in your home. Simply reach into your pocket, point and press – as easy to use as locking and unlocking your car.

The portable panic button allows you to set off your security alarm in just one easy click, notifying the monitoring center of an immediate emergency. The compact design makes it easy and convenient to keep it with you at all times.

Security Keychain

Stay informed about your house activity, even when you’re not home. The ADT Pulse App allows you to remotely arm your security system, check who’s in your home, and more, all from your desktop or smart phone. ADT Pulse lets you take your security system with you everywhere you go.

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ADT-Monitored Quick Alert Security Equipment

Quick alert security equipment helps notify you and your neighbors if there is a security breach in your home.

Home security sirens send a clear signal to intruders to “get out”. Home alarms not only help scare illegal intruders out of your home, but ensures you’re alerted when someone enters. Install our high decibel alarm siren to stay alert, even when you’re sleeping.

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The portable panic button allows you to set off your security alarm in just one easy click, notifying the monitoring center of an immediate emergency. The compact design makes it easy and convenient to keep it with you at all times.

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