ADT Pulse Mobile App

Imagine a world where you know that your family and home are safe, in real time. That peace of mind would be priceless. The ADT Pulse App brings you this peace of mind. With this app, you can monitor and control your home from anywhere with a connected device.

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The ADT Pulse App

The ADT Pulse app is a must have for anyone who has ADT-monitored security equipment in their home. This app allows you to stay connected to your home, anywhere you go. The ADT Pulse app, which is available for Apple and Android devices, gives you total control of your home security.

The ADT Pulse app is connected to your ADT monitoring and security systems. You will receive notifications if any of your equipment trigger alerts. You can also receive an alert from the ADT monitoring center, if applicable.

The app has a handful of other useful features for all your connected devices. If you’re out of town, you can control the lights around your home to give the appearance that someone is home. This is a great tip to help prevent a break in. If you have wired or wireless surveillance cameras throughout your home, you can view live and archived video right from your mobile device.

The ADT Pulse app gives you the opportunity to have complete control over your home while you are away.

As an added benefit, you can manage your account details from the ADT Pulse App. Easily check on alarm activity, view and pay your bills, manage verbal security passwords, and add or update emergency contact details.

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How to Use an App for Home Security

The ADT Pulse app is simple and intuitive to use. It’s available to download for most devices in the Apple app store and Google Play stores. Once downloaded, you’ll be prompted to login with your ADT Pulse username and password. This information is provided to you via email from ADT. After inputting this information, you’ll be taken to the app’s home screen.

On the home screen, you can see all the devices in your home that are connected to your ADT control panel. As you scroll down on the home screen, you'll see the list of all your connected items. All your doors, sensors, cameras and locks are will all be accessible if connected. Clicking on any of the items will create a drop down of actionable items for each connected item.

For example, if you press on the camera item, you’ll be prompted to either watch archived video, or view the live stream from your wireless IP cameras around your home. The ADT Pulse app allows you to keep perfect track of your home no matter where you are.


ADT Pulse App

  1. View live and archived videos from surveillance cameras
  2. Monitor motion, window and door detectors
  3. Control lights and appliances
  4. Adjust temperature through connected thermostat
  5. Activate your alarm

Benefits of the ADT Pulse App

With all the ADT connected devices in your home, the ADT Pulse App allows you to use them fully. This app provides you with peace of mind. At any time you can verify that that your home is protected and the ADT-monitored devices in your home are doing their respective jobs.

If you have children that come home from school while you’re at work, you can make sure they get in the door by checking your wireless IP camera or monitoring for the system to be disarmed. If your child forgets her key, you can remotely unlock the door for them the moment they get home. On top of that, you can easily check in and ensure they’re safe while you’re away from home.

With the ADT Pulse App helping to protect your home, peace of mind while on vacation has never been easier. You’ll know who is coming and going, doors and windows are shut, and if someone has stopped to feed your cats. With all of this, the ADT Pulse App helps to alleviate the stress of travel.

  • ADT's 100 plus years of security experience, Anytime & Anywhere
  • Easy access to your ADT connected devices and sensors
  • Peace of mind watching over your family while you are away from home
  • Stress free travel with remote access at your fingertips.

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