Carbon Monoxide Detector: Crucial Protection, Quick Response
Carbon Monoxide Detector

Not all threats to your home are as obvious as an open window or an unlocked door. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, tasteless, odorless gas that can be emitted by common household appliances like furnaces, water heaters, and gas ovens. CO poses a grave threat to the health of everyone in your home, and a home without the means to detect it leaves everyone at risk.

That makes the carbon monoxide detector a crucial part of your home’s safety plan. When placed in centralized locations in your home, carbon monoxide alarms detect leaks and alert you to potential dangers before they become life threatening, keeping your home - and the people in it - safe from a silent killer.


Carbon Monoxide Detection with a High-Tech Twist

Carbon Monoxide Detector Monitored by ADT

Carbon monoxide detectors work much like a simple smoke detector in your home. But CO detectors can also be part of your smart home technology, integrating with your system to provide you on-the-go access anywhere via the ADT app.

When levels rise, the device sounds an alarm, and sends immediate messages to both the ADT app. Smart home integration means you can turn off your air to prevent circulation of the gas, disarm the system and unlock the doors for easy escape and to let first responders in quickly.

Requires Essentials Package or Higher


  • Integration with the ADT app
  • Precision technology alerts with accuracy when CO levels rise above safe levels and before dangerous health consequences start
  • Professionally installed for ideal placement and maximum functionality
  • Detector is sensitive enough to detect 35-5,000 parts per million (PPM)
  • Alarm sounds when a level of 70 PPM is detected before symptoms usually develop around 100 PPM
  • Multi-colored LED light system allows you to check the status of your CO monitor at a glance
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Carbon Monoxide Detector Specs

  • WEIGHT 8.5 oz
  • CONNECTIVITY Hardwired and wireless connectivity available
  • LIFE 6-year sensor life
  • AGENCY APPROVAL UL Listed agency approval
  • BATTERY 10-year battery life
  • INSTALLATION Professional installation
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do I have to install it?
A: No. Protect Your Home’s professional installers will install and set up your entire system for you, including carbon monoxide detectors, and will take the time to show you how to operate each piece before they leave.
Q: How often should an ADT-monitored CO detector be replaced?
A: Like most CO detectors, these sensors should be replaced every 4-5 years. With our detector you won’t have to remember because the system is designed to alert you when the equipment needs to be replaced.
Q: How is this Carbon Monoxide Detector powered?
A: The CO Detector is powered with batteries.


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