Glass Break Sensor: Real-Time Broken Window Detector
Glass Break Sensor

A broken window is a critical security breach for your home. Whether caused intentionally or accidentally, a shattered window or glass door means your home is at immediate risk.

The ADT-monitored Glass Break Detector notifies you quickly if window glass breaks in your home. The wireless sensors can be mounted near your home's doors and windows, and detects the sound of window panes being shattered and alerting ADT’s 24/7 monitoring services so immediate action can be taken.


How Does a Glass Break Detector Work?

When a pane of glass shatters, they give off a very distinct frequency. That frequency is "heard" by the glass break detector and triggers your alarm to send help.

Window break alarms use an audio microphone to identify the frequency of shattered glass. When the sensor recognizes that frequency, your alarm triggers.

Equipped with a radio frequency transmitter, the sensor establishes a supervised, one–way communications link with the system controller. It uses Dynamic Signal Processing to provide accurate detection of plate, laminated, wired and tempered glass types. It also rejects common false alarm sounds, limiting what can trigger your glass break alarm.


Where to Install Your Glass Break Sensors

Glass Break Detector

The ADT-monitored Glass Break Sensor detects glass breakage within a 25-foot radius, making it ideal for a cluster of windows. Adding a sensor to each window individually can be an expensive hassle, but adding this sensor is an efficient alternative.


Glass Break Sensor Features:

  • Detects the specific frequencies created by the sound of glass breaking
  • ADT monitoring is alerted the instant a window breaks
  • 25-foot detection radius eliminates the need for sensors on every window in the room
  • Integrates with the ADT Mobile App, allowing you to check sensor status from anywhere
  • Long lasting lithium battery included
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Glass Break Sensor Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 3.7” diameter x 1.1” depth
  • DETECTION PATTERN 25-foot radius
  • TRANSMISSION RANGE 300 ft (92 meters) plus*
  • ENCRYPTION 128-bit AES
  • BATTERY LIFE Five years (typical use)
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS 3 volt CR123 battery
*Varies based on each installation due to environmental conditions. Equipment may vary in appearance

ADT Glass Break Detector Pricing

Protect Your Home security systems that include glass break sensors can vary in price depending on your equipment and monitoring selection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to install the ADT Glass Break Sensor myself??
A: No. Protect Your Home’s professional installers set up your entire system for you, including wireless Glass Break Sensors, and take the time to show you how to operate each piece before they leave. They’ll make sure your monitoring system is working before they leave the home.
Q: Does a window have to be breached in order to trigger the Glass Break Detector?
A: No. Windows will often crack before being fully broken through and the glass break detector is designed to notify you the moment any level of breakage happens to your window.
Q: What happens when my Glass Break Sensor is triggered?
A: Since your ADT-monitored Glass Break Sensor is connected to your security panel, ADT’s around-the-clock monitoring services are quickly notified. They are then able to notify you and the proper authorities if necessary. You can also receive a notification via the ADT app on your smartphone.
Q: Will the sensor be triggered by other types of glass breaking, like a plate?
A: We get that life happens. That’s why our sensors use Dynamic Signal Processing to provide accurate detection of plate, laminated, wired and tempered glass types while rejecting common false alarm sounds.
Q: Will the house alarm go off if the window glass is broken?
A: Yes, the glass break sensor communicates with your security system and triggers the alarm if broken window glass is detected.


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