ADT-Monitored Heat & Smoke Detector: The New 'Basic' Protection
Heat and Smoke Detector

A smoke detector might be the most basic piece of protection in your home, but not all smoke detectors are created equally. Anyone can pop in a battery and secure a piece of plastic on the wall. If you want true protection from fire and smoke, you need the security of ADT monitoring.

ADT-monitored Heat & Smoke Detectors from Protect Your Home offer triple the protection in one device. The highly accurate ionization sensor continuously monitors air quality. At the same time, heat sensors measure the room's temperature. Protect Your Home’s smoke detectors communicate directly with your security panel and quickly alerts the ADT monitoring centers and the ADT app.


A Smart Smoke Alarm Monitored 24/7 for Peace of Mind

Smoke Detector

Protecting your home from fire and smoke damage is a 24/7 job. Protect Your Home's Smoke Detectors don't just make noise in your home. They alert your ADT app and the ADT monitoring team, ensuring that your home is under constant protection. Relax while you're at work, on vacation, or at the store knowing we're helping protect your home from fire and smoke damange at all times

Our security professionals install smoke detectors in ideal locations for early detection, giving first responders critical extra moments to arrive. This quick response helps ensure smoke or fire damage is as contained and small as possible.


Heat Sensing Smoke Detector Features:

  • Integration with ADT monitoring services for emergency response even when no one is home or if your security system isn’t armed
  • Ionization sensor monitors air quality
  • Fixed ADT-monitored heat sensor detects when temps rise above a specific threshold
  • Low-profile design blends seamlessly in any room
  • Long-life lithium batteries included
  • Low-battery indicators, and test buttons ensure correct operation
  • Integration with the ADT Pulse® app
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Heat Sensing Smoke Detector Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 5.3" diameter x 1.6" depth
  • DETECTION PATTERN 360 degrees
  • ENCRYPTION 128-bit AES
  • TRANSMISSION RANGE 300 ft (92 meters)
  • POWER REQUIREMENTS 3 volt CR123 battery (Qty 2)
  • APPROVAL LISTINGS FCC/IC, ETL Listed to UL 268 and UL 521, cETL Listed to ULC-S530 and ULC-S531
  • RELATIVE HUMIDITY 32°F to 95°F/0°C to 35°C

How Does the ADT Monitored Heat and Smoke Detector Work?

The ADT Monitored Heat and Smoke Detector works to identify rising levels of heat and smoke in the home. This early detection can give you valuable seconds before your family may need to evacuate in the event of a fire. 

The detector integrates with your security system, so if you choose an ADT Control level page, you can get notified of a fire at home from virtually anywhere, with notification sent right to your smartphone. 

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ADT-Monitored Smoke Detector FAQs

Q: Do I have to install the ADT Heat & Smoke Detector myself?
A: No. Protect Your Home’s professional home security installers set up the entire system for you, including smoke detectors, and take the time to show you how to operate each piece before they leave.
Q: Do I have to have any wiring run through my ceiling or walls?
A: No. Your ADT-monitored smoke and heat detector is battery operated and communicates wirelessly to your security panel and ADT’s 6 monitoring centers.
Q: Do all three heat sensors need to be triggered for the detector to alarm?
A: No. Each sensor operates independently and monitors different conditions of a fire and will alert you if any of the dangerous conditions are detected.


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