Home Alarm Siren: High-Decibel Home Security
Outdoor Alarm - Home Security

In an age of high-tech smart home technology, sometimes the "old-fashioned way" is still the most effective. The ADT-monitored Outdoor Siren is designed to emit a high-decibel alarm that notifies you and your neighbors of a breach in your home, giving you and them time to take action. 

The ADT-monitored Indoor Siren will also emit a high-decibel alarm to alert everyone inside your home to an emergency.

But despite its old-fashioned sensibility, both the ADT Indoor and Outdoor Alarms are armed with modern technology. When the Alarm is sounded, ADT monitoring is immediately alerted. With the ADT Mobile App, you can also monitor the situation at will, whether you're upstairs, in the basement, at work, or on vacation.

ADT-Monitored Outdoor and Indoor Sirens: Safe, Simple Home Protection

Outdoor Siren

Intruders don't like attention being drawn to their activities. These alarms sound a loud siren that will contact ADT monitoring and alert anyone in the immediate area of trouble. That's the kind of protection that deters intruders, and alerts the neighborhood of trouble.

This sensor communicates directly with your ADT security system. It also emits a high-decibel alarm to notify anyone in the surrounding area of an emergency situation.


Outdoor Alarm Features:

  • Emits the loudest siren for the home alarm system to scare off intruders or alert neighbors to emergencies
  • ADT 24/7 monitoring is alerted simultaneously as your Outdoor Alarm is triggered
  • Communicates wirelessly with your security panel
  • Integrates with the ADT app, allowing you to check alarm status from anywhere
  • Long lasting lithium battery included
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Outdoor Siren Specs

  • DIMENSIONS 6"x6"x1.8"
  • OUTPUT 100 dB; 85dB at 10 feet
  • BATTERY LIFE 2-3 years (typical usage)
  • BATTERY AA Lithium
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to install it?
A: No. Protect Your Home’s professional installers set up your entire system for you, including the Outdoor or Indoor Alarm, and take the time to show you how to operate each piece before they leave. They’ll make sure your monitoring system is working before they leave the home.
Q: What emergencies will trigger the Outdoor Alarm?
A: If a break-in is in progress, your outdoor alarm sirens will help alert your neighbors of an emergency. This also helps scare away burglars when they hear the alarm go off. If emergency services have been dispatched to your home, a light will blink to help them identify your home.
Q: What emergencies will trigger the Indoor Alarm?
A: The indoor siren can serve two purposes. If a break-in is in progress, your indoor alarm will also alert you and the burglar. This alert could help scare away the burglar. You can also set the indoor alarm to chime when a door is open.
Q: Will the Outdoor Alarm stand up to the elements?
A: Yes. The weather-resistant case is designed to withstand all the seasons. Rated to continue operating in temperatures ranging from -40°F up to 122°F. It is also built to withstand up to 95% humidity.


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