ADT Security Cameras

When it feels like life always has you on the go, let the ADT security cameras keep an eye on things at home, even when you’re not. All ADT cameras are motion activated, and are wireless so you can check in from virtually anywhere with the ADT Pulse® app.  

Let Protect Your Home install the perfect security cameras for your home with our great selection of cameras that include the ADT indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras!

ADT Indoor Security Camera

The ADT Indoor Security Camera is the perfect camera to monitor your home with video surveillance. This camera easily integrates with your ADT monitoring system using the ADT Pulse wireless network. Utilizing the mobile application, you can use this home security camera to monitor your home from anywhere you have service. The ADT home security camera is equipped with day and night camera lenses that adjust automatically to the amount of light visible to the daylight sensor. This allows the ADT camera to provide clear images and video in low-light situations. Six infrared LEDs ensure that low-light video surveillance is as clear as possible.

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ADT Indoor Security Camera

ADT Outdoor Security Camera

See who comes and goes from your home with the ADT Outdoor Video Camera. These wireless ADT cameras are weatherproof with infrared night vision to help make sure you have the best view of your home’s entry points. The motion activated outdoor camera system integrates directly with your ADT monitored home security system and can be accessed at virtually any time or place with the ADT Mobile App.

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ADT Outdoor Security Camera

ADT Video Doorbell Camera

Did you know that almost 34% of all burglars gain entry by walking through the front door?* That’s why the ADT Video Doorbell Camera is one of our most popular security camera solutions. 

See who’s there, day or night, with a 180 degree wide angle view of your porch and front yard. Answer the door with the camera's 2-way audio and capture unwanted activity with motion activated recording and automated mobile alerts.

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ADT Video Doorbell Camera

ADT Camera Features

ADT Cameras were built with life in mind, and that's why our technology integrates with your busy schedule. Check out these features that make life easier:

  • Integration with the ADT Pulse® app
  • Activation with a mobile device
  • Wireless capabilities
  • MPEG storage options

In order for your home security camera to work, you must be connected to your home internist or WiFi network. ADT cameras are equipped with day and night camera design, so you can have them installed to be as visible or hidden as possible.

Enhance Your Security Camera System

We know that visibility is important, and that’s why the ADT home security cameras allow you to check-in at virtually any time. Pair it with an ADT monitored security system to ensure that if there is a breach in your home’s defenses, the proper authorities are dispatched as quickly as possible.

Take a look at these solutions that integrate perfectly with your security camera system.


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Choosing the Right ADT Cameras for Your Home

When looking for a home security cameras and security systems to help protect your home, it's important to understand what type of home security camera would best suit your needs. There are mainly two types of home security cameras you can use; Network Video Recorder cameras and Wireless IP cameras.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras

Wired Network Video Recorder cameras require more setup and hardware to operate. Recorded video surveillance is stored onsite. These videos are stored in your network video recorder box, located inside of your home. Viewing of the recorded video surveillance is also a little bit harder to set up. You need to configure your router a specific way. These systems are generally hard wired as well, which causes additional setup time. In addition, these cameras are more expensive.

With Wireless IP cameras, your video surveillance is stored in the cloud wirelessly. This cuts out the need for a network box, and makes your system more flexible. Your home security cameras are also wireless, so you don’t have to worry about any cords cluttering up the décor of your home. You still have the same access to your videos from any connected device. Rather, the video surveillance is stored on the cloud.

Protect Your Home exclusively offers Wireless ADT IP Home Security Cameras, which are significantly less expensive. The Wireless ADT IP cameras are a far better option than network video recorders, especially if you’re looking for a more simple and less expensive solution.


How the ADT Home Security Camera & Video Surveillance Equipment works

  • The Protect Your Home security advisors install the wireless ADT security camera in your home.
  • Log into any connected device to monitor your home in real time. I.e. Computer or Mobile Device.
  • When you’re not home, you can set your camera to detect motion.
  • Once the camera detects motion, it will start recording in 30 second bursts.
  • You’ll be notified via mobile app or email that motion was detected and to check your camera.

Why Choose ADT Security Cameras?

Protecting your home and keeping your family safe is everyone’s main priority. The ADT Home Security Cameras are a key tool in helping protect your home and keeping your family safe. Through integration with the ADT Pulse® app, you can check on your home when you’re away to make sure everything is in working order. The home security cameras can be set to detect motion. So, you can track when that package is delivered, who came and knocked on your door, or know when the kids get home from school.

When you’re away from home, the ADT Home Security Cameras with video surveillance will record 30 seconds of video surveillance any time the camera detects motion. One benefit is that your video surveillance is not stored directly on any camera device. So, if something should happen to a camera, your videos will still be safe since they’re stored in the cloud. Because they are not stored locally, you can store an unlimited number of videos this way. You can access the videos any time from a connected device. With a home security camera, you need access to an internet connection to upload and store videos via the cloud.

Even if you’re home, the ADT Home Security Cameras are a great resource. If someone knocks at your door during the day or night, you can easily see who it is before opening the door. This will help protect your home against unwanted visitors. ADT Home Security Cameras help give you peace of mind, and better protection of your home and loved ones.


Benefits of ADT Home Security Cameras:

  • Monitor your home 24/7 from your phone or tablet
  • Check on your home at any time, from any connected device
  • Easily move the security camera to different parts of your home
  • Receive alerts when people come and go from your home

Customize Your Video Security System

Make sure your security cameras are set up the right way the first time! The security experts at Protect Your Home have been dedicated to helping keep families safe for over 20 years.

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