Home safety is always a necessity in a world where the unexpected can wreak havoc at any time. Below are some terms regarding home safety and home security systems.

  • Anoxia: oxygen deprivation
  • Burglary Alarm: a security system designed to prevent unwanted intruders from entering a home
  • Burn: an injury to the skin or other body tissues caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, friction or radiation
  • Carbon Monoxide: odorless, tasteless and colorless gas emitted from many household appliances and car exhaust emissions
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector: sounds an alarm when higher than acceptable levels of carbon monoxide are detected
  • Central Monitoring System: a system that monitors home security systems in a central location away from the alarm and responds to alarm breaches by notifying appropriate area emergency personnel
  • Choking: the inability to breathe because of a blocked internal body airway
  • Door and Window Sensors: when a door or window is opened, a sensor relays an alarm signal to a customer monitoring center
  • Emergency: a situation requiring immediate action
  • Emergency Phone: phones that include emergency assistance numbers and alarms
  • Fire (Smoke) Detector: a device that detects an unacceptable amount of heat for the spaces and emits an alarm throughout the home and possibly to a central monitoring service
  • First-degree Burn: an injury to the skin's outer layer causing red, dry skin
  • Fracture: a break or crack in bone
  • Glass Break Detectors: a device that triggers an alarm when the sound or vibration of breaking glass is detected
  • Hazard: danger or peril
  • Home Alarm System: a system where a home is protected from intruders, fire or carbon monoxide poisoning by an alarm sounding when something is amiss
  • Ingest: to place something into the body by swallowing
  • Inhale: to breathe into the body
  • Inject: to force fluid into the body
  • Light Activation: a device that turns on your lamps when either a fire/intruder is detected or at preset times of the day
  • Low Temperature Sensors: sensors that alert a monitoring center when temperatures inside your home drop below a pre-set level
  • Motion Detector: devices that detect movement and can turn on lights or alarms
  • Nontoxic: nonpoisonous
  • Paging Features: a system that alerts the owner of break-ins, fires or even that children have arrived at home
  • Poison: a substance that can cause harm to a person's body
  • Remote: allows you to arm or disarm a security system, open your garage door or turn on the lights in your home using a hand-held device or a telephone.
  • Safety: an absence from danger or injury
  • Second-degree Burn: an injury involving the skin's outer and underlying layer resulting in redness, pain, swelling and blisters
  • Sensitivity: an individual response to external stimuli
  • Skin graft: skin removed from one part of the body that is used to replace damaged or missing skin in another part of the body
  • Suffocate: to block the oxygen supply to the lungs resulting in death
  • Temperature: the measure of the warmth or coolness of an object or the air
  • Thermal burn: an injury caused by heat
  • Third-degree burn: an injury involving the skin's outer and underlying layer plus the loose connective tissue below the skin. It results in the destruction of skin tissue and usually causes extensive scarring.
  • Toxic: poisonous
  • Toxin: poisonous substance
  • Trachea: the tube (or windpipe) leading from the upper airway to the lungs that branches into the two tubes that lead to each lung
  • Video Monitoring: cameras set up at strategic entry points to view all activity that occurs there
  • Wound: an injury to soft tissue

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