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$99 Installation with purchase of 36/24 mo. Monitoring contract. Termination fee applies. New Customers only. Equipment shown requires additional fees. See offer details below.

ADT-monitored home security systems give you peace of mind by helping to protect your home and family 24/7. Every system is customizable to best fit your home and needs; Your ADT-monitored home security bundle includes a system that works around you. Our solutions include layers of security to both help prevent and protect in the event of an emergency.

Our carefully crafted home security systems are built to help maximize protection while maintaining and easy-to-use approach. Each home security bundle features everything from burglary protection to back-up power in the event of an emergency.

    • Burglary Monitoring
    • Motion Sensor Technology
    • Intruder Warnings
    • Emergency/Backup Protection

Over 2 million burglaries occur in the United States alone every year (according to the Disaster Center at ADT-monitored security aims to help prevent as well as provide instant protection against burglaries. With a vast array of home security systems, from signs and stickers to in-home infrared motion sensors, you can trust your home is being protected from the inside out. When your home security system senses a breach in security, it will trigger an alert and you can be sure that help is on the way.

• Allows access to your home monitoring system from wherever you are in your home
• Each touchpad included in your home security system package provides and easy to use, one-touch access to police dispatch, emergency response, and fire fighters.

Every ADT-monitored home security system comes with a  Full Service Digital Touchpad. Additional touchpads can be  purchased and placed in other areas of your home or business for added accessibility. Features include:

• Easy-to-read LCD display
• Arm & disarm your home security system easily  
• Supports 40 windows/door sensors 
• Uses clear & simple voice commands to communicate
• Seamless Interaction with other ADT equipment

• Puts complete and instant access to your ADT-monitored home security system in the palm of your hand
• Quickly arm and disarm your security system on the go with the push of a button
• In the case of an emergency or danger, pressing the panic button alerts authorities and sets off the alarm

ADT Motion Sensor Protection embeds advanced safety methods into your home security system. From infrared to magnetic technologies, you can ensure your home security system is working around the clock. These wireless devices transmit signals to the control panel via radio waves, helping provide an extra layer of protection ensuring there are no wires for an intruder to cut. Motion sensor systems are battery-operated with strategic alerts to signal the control panel when running low. 

• PIR (Passive Infrared) advanced technology detects body heat and movement in large areas
• Covers your first floor and any other vulnerable areas in your home such as your front door and staircase

Thanks to our state-or-the-art home security systems, we are able to calibrate our equipment to better fit your needs. Specifically, our motion detectors can be adjusted to ignore weights up to 40 pounds. Therefore, pets and babies won’t trip the sensor causing a false alarms. PIR sensors avoid false alarms by being able to detect heat, temperature and waves, not just movement. During installation, our professional technicians will provide information about our home security systems to ensure you get the best equipment for your home.

• Advanced magnetic technology ensures primary entry points of your home are secure
• Upon unwanted entry, sensors immediately activate and send signals to your home security system
• Include on all ground level doors and windows, windows that are covered by trees or bushes and any other easily accessible points visible to an intruder

• Delivers high-decibel beeps to alert you in the event of a fire, intruder or any other emergency
• Triggered by an internal motion sensor instantly letting you know when there is a breach
• All ADT-monitored security systems include one indoor siren. Additional sounders can be requested from your installation

• Proven to be one of the best burglar deterrent to help  prevent unwanted visitors
• Place your lawn sign and window sticker in an obvious place to help discourage any illegal behavior involving your home

To help remain protected, your ADT-monitored home security system must be reliable at all times. A power outage can be a vulnerable time for home safety. However, all ADT-monitored home security systems include power supply and backup for 24/7 protection even in the event of an outage.