Protecting Multiple Homes with ADT Monitoring Services

Tips now for people protecting multiple homes

Winter has arrived. For some that means heading down south to their vacation home to get away from the cold weather. Having two homes is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Being able to switch between two homes based on what weather you want to be in is a great freedom. But, with great freedom comes great responsibility. Leaving your home unattended for months at a time can be very dangerous. Chances are, if you can afford to have more than one residence, you also have some expensive belongings in those homes that you want to protect while you are away.

You should have a professional security system in each of your homes to help protect your belongings while you are away. Homes that are empty for months at a time are a major target for burglars. If they gain entry they will have as much time as they need to rifle through your belongings and take what they want. Just having the presence of an ADT monitoring service can be a great deterrent. The main goal of an intruder is to get as much of your stuff that they can and get out without being caught. If they think that they will be caught before they even try to break in, it is unlikely that they will attempt to in the first place. There are many reasons to have security systems installed in both of your homes.

Here are some of the features they offer that make them great options for people with more than one place of residence.

  • Remote monitoring - You can have the images captured by cameras in both your homes sent to a computer and archived. This will give you the opportunity to watch both of your homes simultaneously no matter where you are.
  • Smartphone syncing - Through new applications that are available you can also have images and alerts sent to your smartphone. This makes it even easier to monitor your homes whether you are at one of your homes or you are out and about.
  • Remote Control - Twice the homes means twice the utility bills. Many of the more advanced security systems on the market give you the ability to turn down the thermostat and turn off the lights without actually being in the home. This can help prevent your utility bills from skyrocketing. Why pay excess bills on a home that you are not even living in at the time?
  • Save information - The security camera system in your homes can save information to your computer. This way you can review what went on in your home while you were not there. This can be great for monitoring the people who work in your home while you are out of town.

All of these features are great reasons to get a more advanced ADT monitoring service for your regular home and your vacation home. As the economy gets worse and worse homes everywhere are becoming a bigger target for thieves. They are becoming more desperate and are targeting homes in areas that were once considered very safe by the general public.

If you have multiple homes and do not currently have a home security system installed you should consult with Protect Your Home as soon as possible. Protecting your home, your family and your belongings should be the first priority of any homeowner. A security professional from Protect Your Home will be able to help you design an ADT monitoring service system that is right for both of your homes and will work within your budget.

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