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Sometimes when watching television crime programs, it appears that it is ridiculously easy to bypass a home alarm system. That may have been true in the past when it was simple to disable a system by cutting phone lines or turning the power off at the fuse box.

But with the incredible improvements in technology, now, that is not the case. If you have an alarm installed by certified professional security technicians, you can be assured you will get a reliable home security system.

If you are going to go through the trouble and expense of having a home security system installed, you have a right to expect reliability. You want it to perform as advertised. If there is a weakness in the system, you don't want a burglar to find it! You certainly do not want to be the last one to know about it, either.

Outside Motion Detectors

In fact, a modern, up-to-date wireless home security system usually contains many security levels in case one is breached. Plus, a wireless system is almost impossible to bypass. With current technology, you and your family can remain assured of a cocoon of protection beginning with a strong layer around the perimeter of your home.

The security zone includes monitoring over 35 feet of property with high-tech infrared motion detectors. These sensors react to a person's body heat and will not trigger false alarms from pets.

If placed properly, the outdoor sensors are tough to spot and they operate effectively in any type of weather.

Indoor Sensors

The indoor sensors include:

  • Glass break detectors - These sensors cover likely window entry points. They trigger an alarm from the sound frequencies of breaking glass.
  • Motion detectors - Motion detectors are strategically placed inside the home. Their job is to detect movement when an intruder passes by the sensor and sound an alarm that will awake everyone in your house and hopefully startle the intruder away.

When you purchase a wireless security alarm system, it is almost impregnable. Why? There are no wires to cut because the signals are transmitted to the control panel via radio waves. With these systems, the batteries usually last up to three years. To reduce the possibility of the batteries ever going dead, the batteries automatically signal the control panel when they are running low.

False Alarms

One of the common complaints about motion detectors is that they tend to set off false alarms. This is not because the alarms are cheap. It's usually because of poor placement of the alarms and the type of alarm. For example, alarms that work with ultrasonic or photoelectric beams may set off more false alarms because the stream of beam could be easily interrupted by a pet or even a bug crawling across the floor.

Today, Passive Infrared (PIR) and microwave sensors prevent false alarms because they detect by heat, temperature and waves, not just movement.

If you're installing an alarm yourself, make sure you carefully read the instructions for proper placement of it.


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