Door Alarm Benefits

You can decide to purchase and install a complete home alarm system for your house. That may be the best solution for overall security to help protect your home from intruders and monitor heat and carbon monoxide levels.

While most of the full systems can be surprisingly affordable, there are other alarms that can be purchased and used that are portable and specific to doors. These are the door knob alarms, wireless door alarms, travel door alarms and door stop alarms.

Door alarms are good for residences. How many alarms you may need is entirely up to you. In two-thirds of burglaries, the thief enters the residence through an unlocked door or window with most entering in the front, back or garage doors (

Door Knob Alarms

The way these work is that you hang the alarm on any metal door knob and pull out an activation device (such as a chain). If any intruder touches the door, a loud alarm will sound instantly resulting in a powerful deterrent to the intruder. If you purchase one at a 120db level the alarm will produce a sound that is as loud as a jet engine. That's more than enough noise to make an intruder flee.

Door Stop Alarms

Door stop alarms perform much the same way as do door knob alarms. The door alarm sensors will trip the alarm into emitting a piercing sound as soon as someone touches the door. But the door stop alarm does one more thing. A door stop alarm will also prevent the door from being opened. An on-off switch on the alarm turns it off so that it doesn't activate when it is being transported.

Travel Door Alarms

These are also called personal or portable alarms. You purchase one that is like a door alarm in that it can be hung on a door knob. However, it can also be carried with you and act as a personal alarm to give you added protection when you travel.

You can also purchase a more sophisticated version of a travel alarm. Some come with a powerful flashlight, the portable security alarm and a smoke detector. This may be an ideal device to take when you travel—especially abroad. Because think about it—do you know if there are smoke detectors in Morocco, the Honduras or any number of foreign countries?

The Benefits of Door Alarms

These devices have many benefits to the security conscious, price aware and convenience loving consumer:

  • They are generally a low cost item that can be purchased for as little as $15.
  • There are no tools or installation required.
  • The alarms are portable that can be carried and used anywhere.
  • Dual or even triple purpose devices (that contain alarms, smoke detectors and lights) provide additional protection.
  • They are a wireless alarm system operated by batteries so no power is needed.
  • Many of the devices are constructed very well so they will not easily break.
  • They are small and lightweight—with some weighing just a few ounces.

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