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If you have the misfortune to be a victim of one of the over 2 million burglaries (according to the Disaster Center at that occur each year in the United States, you at least want the intruder to be afraid to go ahead with their burglary or whatever other nefarious activities they had planned to do in your home.

That's why an interior siren should be a part of every home security system. These alarms are LOUD. In fact, they are usually between 100 and 115 decibels (dBs). That's the sound of an outdoor power mower, snowmobile, power saw or sandblaster within the walls of your home!

Most thieves opt for the path of least resistance, are skittish and unwilling to risk confrontation. When they hear a sound like that, an intruder will almost certainly flee as fast as they can.

While the siren also alerts and can even scare you, it's far better to be aware of someone in your home than not.

With that said, there is a dual purpose of the interior siren or interior bell:

  • To alert the intruder that several people (you, neighbors and police) are now aware of their whereabouts and activity.
  • To let you, the homeowner, know that someone is attempting entry into your house.

An interior siren is usually a battery operated (the batteries can last up to four years) device that can be mounted or installed in hallways, foyers or other areas where the sound can be heard by the occupants in the home. The sirens consist of a speaker, a spread spectrum and a control panel (some also have two-way communication capability).

When the siren is set off by an internal motion detector, it usually sounds for an intermittent length of time until it is deactivated.

Another type of siren is wired to fit over a single gang electrical box or wall plate.

Some of the advantages of the interior siren include:

  • It comes in a range of prices and is very affordable
  • It is small and unobtrusive
  • They are easy to mount
  • They come in attractive casings and can be used indoors or outside
  • They are self contained
  • They are loud and attention getting
  • They are tamper proof and weather resistant

An interior alarm is a vital part of ADT monitored home security equipment especially when used with other home security alarm equipment such as:

  • Glass detectors that can detect when someone is breaking glass to gain entry into your home
  • Video cameras that can be mounted inside and outside of the home in order to monitor activity that is occurring there.
  • Central monitoring that provides the homeowner or an authorized third party to monitor what is occurring in and around the home and relay any suspicious activities to the proper local emergency personnel.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that will sound an alarm allowing the inhabitants to evacuate in the event that a high amount of smoke, heat, fire or carbon monoxide is present in the home.

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