Wireless Home Security System

A wireless home security alarm system provides the ultimate in protection for you and your family. Whether it's DIY wireless home security or a home security system installed by a professional alarm company, a wireless alarm system brings peace of mind to the owners.

With US residents being victimized by about 6000 burglaries each day (according to FBI statistics, see link below), a good wireless home security system is something to consider. The technology can do the following for your family:

  • If you provide your children with a unique code to use upon entering the house, you can set up the system to notify you by email when they arrive at home safely.
  • If you have a dog, you can provide the dog walker with a unique code to arm and disarm the system when leaving and arriving back at your home. A text message will let you know just how long the walk took.
  • For a woman's safety, you can program the alarm to notify you when your spouse arrives home or to monitor an elderly parent.

Most basic systems include motion sensors, a keypad control panel and a central alarm. To take the system to another level you can add video cameras and/or monitoring from a central station. To go even further, consider adding a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector and glass break detectors to the package. Here is some information about each component:

  • Motion Sensors: These devices detect motion usually by using an infrared camera device to notice movement within or just outside of the home. If activity is detected, an alarm sounds to startle the intruder away.
  • Central Alarm: This is like the engine in your automobile. It contains all of the vital parts to make the alarm work properly. And like calling a mechanic, if your device needs service you will need to contact a trained technician to work on this component.
  • Keypad Control Panel: These are the part of the system that you control. It's where you enter any user and programming codes and turn the alarm on and off. These can usually be operated by a remote, the telephone or even via a cell phone app.
  • Video Cameras: A wireless security camera system means that cameras will be set up in strategic locations on the property. They can be monitored in another part of the home and/or by a central monitoring station.
  • Central Monitoring Station: If you purchase this option, then your home security system can be monitored at a central facility 24/7, 365 days per year. When an alarm is triggered, the signal goes to the station. Personnel there attempt to contact you to determine what the problem is. If they cannot make contact or there is an emergency, the appropriate personnel will be dispatched to home to evaluate the situation.
  • Smoke Alarm: These inexpensive devices will detect smoke and sound an alarm so the home can be evacuated.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: These alarms let the occupants of the home know that dangerous levels of this odorless and colorless gas have accumulated in your home.
  • Glass break detectors: Placed close to windows, this device sounds an alarm if any glass breakage is detected.

Consider a complete wireless home security system that will help keep you and your family protected from some of the whims and vagaries of life.


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