ADT-Monitored Security System Installation Process

Our mission at Protect Your Home is to give you and your family the best protection possible. We take great pride in our elite security system installation process. While a keypad and alarm sounders are the basic and most well-known parts of security system solutions, so much more goes into the process.

Some of the different ways intruders can gain access to you and your belongings are:

  • Disrupting power supplies
  • Opening windows
  • Coming in through the garage
  • Getting into your basement unnoticed

Due to these threats and others constantly devised by criminals to get into people's homes, Protect Your Home performs a full home security assessment as part of your home security installation process.

Our dedication and commitment to your home protection is what sets us apart from the competition. Some companies will sell you the minimum home security requirements so they can move on to the next customer. We see that as a disservice to clients who are trying to protect their families and property. We make sure to take our time with each customer, address any concerns or questions you have about the security system installation process, and discuss your specific needs. Before our installers leave your home, you will be educated on home protection, how to use your new system, and rest assured knowing you have a comprehensive plan and system.

Learn more about our equipment offerings at the ADT-Monitored Security Equipment page.

ADT®-Monitored Home Security
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