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Protecting your family from intruders and burglars should always be a top priority. ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Arizona’s mission is to help secure your family and your belongings from harm and theft. Our home security systems can be installed at your convenience to provide you with instant security and proceed with your daily routine with peace of mind. Home security in Arizona is necessary for you to deter the possibility of a break in and potential loss of possessions.

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ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider’s certified Security Advisors offer free quotes and install home security throughout Arizona. Provided with your location, our security advisors will come to you. We have branches covering all of Arizona through our various locations including Phoenix, Tempe and Tucson.

Searching “ADT locations near me” on Google will help you find local service areas where we can answer questions or address any inquiries. Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Arizona believes in helping you protect your family and possessions from property crime and allowing you to live without worries of home invasions.

Property crime is a huge concern for many homeowners, and rightly so. Although property crime rates have declined since the 1990s, there is always a looming threat of burglars taking advantage of unsuspecting families. When is the last time you made sure if your family and belongings are safe from burglars and thieves? Take a look at some US property crime statistics and see the potential dangers that homeowners face:

  • In 2015, there were an estimated 1,579,527 burglaries
  • 57.9% of burglaries involved forcible entry, 35.5% were unlawful entries, and 6.6 were attempted forcible entry
  • Victims of burglary offenses suffered an estimated $3.6 billion in property losses in 2015


Burglary and theft can be extremely costly, and considering the fact that many violent and property crimes in the U.S. go unsolved or unreported, there is a chance of you becoming a victim in multiple occasions. ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Arizona wants to help protect your property, family, and possessions from criminal activity. Our nationwide security system is recognizable to all burglars, and will help prevent them from even contemplating a break-in. The system will be able to alert you and law enforcement if it detects suspicious activity inside and outside your house. Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring is reliant and vigilant, making sure that your home is fully protected at every moment of the day.

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Crime info Arizona

ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Arizona believes that residents should make it a priority to implement a home security system to help protect their home, family and belongings from theft and harm. Home security in Arizona is an issue to many homeowners in Arizona because of the state’s above average crime rates. Crime numbers in the state continue to rise, and it would be a smart investment for Arizona residents to install home security systems to help prevent becoming victims of burglary. Here are some general statistics on property crime in Arizona:

  • The number of property crimes per year is estimated to be around 279,794
  • The changes of you becoming a victim of a property crime is 1 in 33
  • There are 4,414 total property crimes per 100,000 residents


Arizona has a couple of hotspots where property crime is the highest. While many of the areas with the highest crime numbers are large cities, there are also some cities with smaller populations with high crime numbers. The 3 most dangerous cities in Arizona are:

  1. Phoenix, AZ: 60,777 property crimes, 17,912 burglaries, 306 arsons
  2. Glendale, AZ: 14,934 property crimes, 2,847 burglaries, 78 arsons
  3. Mesa, AZ: 14,140 property crimes, 2,681 burglaries, 97 arsons


If you are a resident in any of these cities, Protect Your Home strongly suggests that you invest in a home security system to help secure your home from burglars. You can look for a local ADT Authorized Premier Provider branch in Arizona by searching for “ADT-monitored home security near me” and arrange an immediate installation for a home security system. We are one of the most reliable home security companies in Arizona, and will implement our reliable alarm systems to help best protect your home.

Arizona Home Security

While crime rates in Arizona may be high, there are many positive elements about the state for homeowners and residents. The scenic landscape and popular attractions like the Grand Canyon or the Antelope Canyon makes Arizona a beautiful place to live. Historically, the state does not observe Daylight Saving Time and most of Arizona observes Mountain Standard Time all year. Here are some general information about the state that homeowners might find useful:

  • 86% of persons age 25+ years have obtained a high school diploma or higher
  • Median gross rent of the state was $933 in 2015, and has been lower than the US average for the last decade
  • Real estate prices are expected to grow by 25% in the upcoming years


With vacancy rates decreasing and housing prices increasing, Phoenix real estate yet remains to be one of the most affordable markets in the country. In fact, two Arizona cities ranked in the top 10 most affordable cities in the US.

While the facts show that Arizona is a great place to live, there are some precautions that homeowners should heed when deciding to buy a home in Arizona, such as:

  • Floods are a common and costly natural hazard in Arizona, and in the last 10 years Arizona has experienced five federally declared flood disasters.
  • Arizona is ranked as the 10th most violent state in the nation
  • Arizona’s job growth saw only 1.2% job growth, falling below national rate in 2016


Understanding the pros and cons of becoming a resident in Arizona is crucial for the wellbeing of you and your family. According to, the chances of you becoming a victim of a property crime in Arizona is 1 in 33. Arizona’s violent crime rate is higher than many other cities in the US, and to combat this Arizona retains a large police presence. To help protect you and your family from any harm or intrusion, ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Arizona works closely with law enforcement to provide immediate assistance and deployment. Establishing a strong home security presence in Arizona is the mission of Protect Your Home-ADT Authorized Premier Provider. By installing our home security system, we can help supervise your house and help make sure your family is protected from possible burglary attempts.


We help more than 200,000 people each year in their mission to protect their family and homes. We are able to install home security at your convenience, and provide 24 hour installation which helps deter criminals quickly and contact law enforcement immediately. Let us help assist you in enforcing one of the strongest watchful home security systems in Arizona.

ADT-Monitored Home Security Equipment for Arizona

Our ADT-Monitored packages provide many equipment options. They come with a free Quote, and our Security Advisor will work with you to create an optimal plan for your home. Equipment choices include:

  1. Full Service Digital Touchpad - These touchpads allow you to have total control over your home security system. You will be able to access police dispatch, emergency response and fire fighters quickly. They are also equipped with chimes to notify you whenever doors and windows open and close. They also give you the bypass ability, which allows you to arm the system even when a door or window is open. Whenever there is an emergency in the house and you need assistance, the touchpad will give you access quickly and easily.
  2. Indoor Siren Sounder - If a robber was able to gain entry into the house, the siren sounder will discourage the robber from spending an extended amount of time in your house and deter them from potentially stealing your valuables. These high-decibel beeps will alert you when there is a fire, intruder, or other emergency situations for immediate response.
  3. Built-In PIR Motion Sensor - Equipped with a Passive Infrared (PIR) technology, this interior motion sensor can detect motion throughout the house all day and throughout the night. It is also designed with Pet Immunity to reduce false alarms that are set off by your pet’s movements.

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Home Security Systems for Pets
If you’re a pet owner, you may feel like having a pet can complicate the process of finding a security system that fits all of your needs. You want to make sure that your household is secure while also keeping your pets in mind, knowing that animals may unwittingly set off a motion sensor or raise unnecessary alarm bells meant to keep your home safe. 

Animals are our furry best friends and they’re a part of the family, which means that the best home alarm system will make sure that your four-legged pals are safe, as well. When shopping for a security system for a home with pets, you likely have questions about which options will give you peace of mind, without the added worry of Fido or Fluffy accidentally setting off an alarm. 

Security Systems for Cats and Dogs

Can You Have a Security System With a Cat or a Dog?

Yes! Of course you can. In order to have a safe, secure home with pets, there are certain precautions to take when installing a home security system: 

Keep sensors at adult height, around 5 feet above the ground.
Keep sensors aimed at access points, rather than stairs or your pet’s favorite spots.
Take into account the combined weight of your pets when using heat sensors.
Consider installing pet barriers for secure rooms with motion sensors.
Take your pets’ habits into account when positioning sensors.

Your pets may have quirky habits, such as climbing drapes or hiding in certain corners. Keep these daily habits in mind when installing your sensors. If you know your dog or cat has a tendency to curl up in a certain chair, avoid pointing sensors toward that area. 

The most important areas for home security tend to be access points. Make sure that your sensors are focused on the most vulnerable access points, such as doors and floor-level windows. Keep these sensors high above the ground where pets might set them off. This will help to avoid unnecessary false alarms. 

Cat in a doggie door | Home security

Can You Have an Alarm System with a Doggie Door?

Yes! Doggie doors are perfect for allowing your dog free reign to access the backyard, but it’s hard not to see the potential vulnerability in the defenses of your house, as it may seem inviting to unwanted intruders or critters in the neighborhood. So, what’s the solution? 

Here are some tips for making your doggie door more secure:

Make sure you have an appropriately-sized door for your dog - the smaller the better.
Invest in a more secure doggie door cover, preferably one with a lock and key. Or, look to automated doggie-doors and cat-doors as another option.
Consider an automatic pet door activated by a chip or key attached to your pet’s collar.
Install your pet door in a discreet location, away from public view.
Place a “Beware of Dog” sign in your window or on your property to serve as a deterrent to would-be burglars.

These may seem like very simple steps, but the fact is that intruders are looking for an easy target. Even a simple sign posting a warning that you have a dog -- whether or not your dog is intimidating -- is enough for an intruder to think twice. 

Dog setting off security alarm

How to Keep Your Dog or Cat From Setting Off a False Alarm

A pet setting off a false alarm can have some serious, unintended consequences. Triggering a monitored security system means that law enforcement officers may be called and emergency services are activated. It’s difficult to call off a false alarm, and you may end up being charged a penalty. If it happens too frequently, you may even lose police privileges, putting your home at risk in the event of a true emergency. 

In order to avoid your pet setting off false alarms, here are some precautions to take:

Choose a high-quality, pet-friendly motion sensor. 
Plan around your pets’ habits - avoid pointing sensors in their favorite areas.
Install motion sensors at 5 feet or higher, to avoid animal movements.
Place the motion sensor upside down, towards the ceiling.
Install a security camera to check on your pets’ movements. 
Don’t point sensors at windows, as this can trigger false alarms.
Avoid pointing sensors at heaters, as these emit high infrared energy.

Pointing the motion sensors upwards means that the sensors are more likely to detect humans while ignoring the movement of your pets. Having a security camera available allows you to check on your pets’ movements and ensure that any motions detected are normal before sending any alarm bells ringing. 

What Are Pet-Immune Motion Sensors?

Pet-immune motion sensors are designed to detect the size and weight of your pet, as well as disregard motion activated by your pet. These systems use passive, infrared motion detector technology, which is designed to monitor changes in heat in designated areas. 

With traditional motion detectors, any motion -- from a pet or otherwise -- would be enough to trigger a false alarm. With pet-immune motion sensors, movement detected by your pet, usually based on the weight of the animal, or based on the number of animals in the household, will be ignored, thus avoiding a false alarm. Pet-immune motion sensors are often the best home security option for a home with cats and dogs. 

Home security protecting pets, family and home

Protect Your Home and Pets 

An essential part of protecting your home is protecting your loved ones, and that includes your beloved pets. Take your dogs and cats into consideration when installing your home security system, plan ahead to avoid false alarms, and you can sleep soundly knowing that you and your four-legged buddies are safe and secure. Learn more about Protect Your Home’s pet-friendly home security solutions and find the best home security system for you and your pets! 

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