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Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Lake Havasu City installs home security systems that protect homeowners from the losses of property crime. Every year, countless homes fall victim to burglary and theft, but many families are still not taking the right steps to prevent these incidents. Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Lake Havasu City provides 24/7 monitoring of your home so that no matter where you are, your home is under protection. Our installers will help you understand the process of utilizing your home security system so that you are prepared for many different emergencies that may arise in or around your home.

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Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Lake Havasu City urges homeowners to invest in protecting their families with a home security system that defends them from property crime. Should an emergency situation arise, your home security system can provide you with access to police, emergency response teams, or firefighters to support your needs.

A medium-sized city of about 50,000 residents, Lake Havasu City faces a total annual crime rate of about 20%, more than 18% of these crimes being property-related. When homeowners don’t take the proper precautions, they can become victims of theft and burglary. To help prevent these problems, we encourage Lake Havasu residents to find a home security service that fits their needs. Here are some property crime statistics in Lake Havasu City, AZ:

  • 1 in 50 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Lake Havasu City
  • 1 in 53 chance of becoming a victim of property crime
  • Almost 900 burglaries and thefts occur annually


Compared to other American towns and cities, Lake Havasu’s crime rate is a bit lower than average. However, the city still suffers from almost 2,000 property crimes annually. To avoid becoming one of these statistics, homeowners should consider their home security system options. Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Lake Havasu City helps homeowners avoid burglary and theft, and will help you utilize our surveillance system and ADT’s monitoring to the fullest. Let us help you protect your home and family before a real emergency occurs.

On the flip side, Lake Havasu City offers many exciting destinations to learn about and explore. There are plenty of natural attractions to visit, like Lake Havasu itself, as well as buildings such as the Lake Havasu Museum of History.

The Lake Havasu Museum of History is a small museum that recounts the making of Lake Havasu City and the area that surrounds it. There are also exhibits about the original London Bridge, purchased by Lake Havasu’s founder and reconstructed in the city in 1971. You can also visit the bridge itself, which is just down the street.

Lake Havasu City also houses several parks, including Lake Havasu State Park, Cattail Cove State Park, and Rotary Park. Lake Havasu State Park offers beaches, hiking trails, boat ramps and campsites for visitors. For a brief experience of the desert and the shore, take the Mohave Sunset Trail which winds along the beach. To view desert wildlife, pay a visit to the Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden where unique birds, lizards and cottontails can be observed.

Cattail Cove State Park is another great location for all types of outdoor activities, such as camping, swimming, fishing and hiking. Cattail Cove also provides access to the beach and Lake Havasu, where space is available for all kinds of water sports. For more playgrounds and fields, Rotary Park makes another fun family destination.

Lake Havasu City houses a somewhat diverse population, with a mix of white and blue-collar jobs, including sales and office workers, service providers, and professionals. There are less families with young children and students, so it is considered a quiet community. Moreover, residents rank lower than the national average in terms of higher education with a 13.79% rate of adults with a Bachelor’s or advanced Degree.


  1. ADT Money-Back Guarantee - If during the six months following installation ADT is unable to resolve any installation/service-related concern, you may receive a refund of the installation price and all monitoring fees you paid within the first six months. Certain restrictions apply.
  2. 24-Hour ADT Monitoring - With 24/7 ADT monitoring, your home will always be monitored for outside threats. By detecting disturbances and intrusions in your home, ADT helps ensure that your time away from home is seamless and stress-free.
  3. Advanced Equipment - For advanced surveillance and protection, Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Lake Havasu City provides infrared interior cameras and wireless sensors as part of our home security system.