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About Our Yucca Valley Home Security Branch

Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Yucca Valley gives homeowners the ability to help fight against property crime. We offer advanced security systems to help provide a first line of defense against home burglaries. We aim to give you a 24/7 home security system that helps prevent and detect against unwanted intruders. With a speedy installation and easy-to-use line of products, you can relax when it comes to worrying about your home security. Our advanced security systems include technologies ranging from motion sensors to infrared technologies.

Security Products and Solutions:

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24 Hour ADT Monitoring

Our advanced surveillance cameras can detect any signs of intrusion and ADT can contact emergency response teams. Your home will be provided with 24/7 surveillance, and will be monitored for any suspicious activity day and night. Stay informed on movements surrounding your home at all times, whether you’re at work for the day or on vacation for the week.

Affordable Security Solutions 

Everyone should have the right to a worry-free environment and a safe home. In addition to providing top-of-the-line equipment and customer support, we are also committed to delivering these services at a convenient and low price for all of our clients. Start monitoring your home today for a fraction of the monthly cost of Wi-Fi or electricity.

Quick and convenient home security installation

Protect Your Home – ADT Authorized Premier Provider will help you understand all aspects of your system so that you can be as prepared as possible for any emergency situation. Our team of locally based home security experts will answer any questions that you may have during the security system installation.

Yucca Valley, located in Southern California is home to a high desert community between San Bernardino Mountains and the Joshua Tree National Park. Yucca Valley real estate falls in a low category for California, but remains high on average for the United States. For a smaller population there is surely enough crime occurring to think about home security protection. As a homeowner in Yucca Valley, there is a 1 in 44 chance of being a victim to property crime. Becoming a victim of property crime is an unfortunate and stressful situation that be avoided by the presence of a home security system. Check out some statistics below regarding Yucca Valley crime data:

  • For every 100,000 people, there are 6.32 daily crimes that occur in Yucca Valley
  • In Yucca Valley you have a 1 in 44 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
  • Yucca Valley is safer than 12% of the cities in the United States


No matter where you live, there is always a chance you could be a victim of property crime. With property crime rates on the rise in the United States, it is important that property owners take the necessary precautions to protect their homes and families. After all, you’ve worked hard for your home, and deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re protecting it. Protect Your Home highly encourages Yucca Valley home owners invest in a home security system. We can offer you advanced home security methods to ensure your home security is keeping up with your safety concerns. We provide a fast and easy installation that aims to work around you. Our certified professionals are skilled at helping you choose a system to best fit your home and needs.

Yucca Valley is a historically rich desert town located in Southern California. Visiting Yucca Valley’s Old Town district will reveal its best kept relics and history. Explore many of the unique shops that specialize in desert-related goods, as well as stop at the many restaurants that locals rave about. However, some find excitement in visiting the desert itself. As a member of the national treasure, Joshua Tree Gateway Communities, there are definitely sights to see within the desert. However, one must be prepared before deciding to venture into the vast desert.

The Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce provides helpful tips for surviving in the desert community. The Mojave Desert provides a unique and beautiful experience, but must be prepared for accordingly. In order to have the safest and enjoyable trip make sure to let someone know your itinerary and whereabouts. One thing people often forget is to dress in layers. The changing temperatures in the desert can have altering effects to your body that you must prepare for. The activities in the desert include, admiring the unique desert trees, horseback riding, and hiking along many of the trails.

Yucca Valley has an elevation at base of 3,000 ft., and the town has a total area of 40 square miles. Joshua Tree National Park is just south of its border, and not surprisingly, none of the area is covered with water. Yucca Valley has a cold desert climate, meaning it reaches its lowest temperature of 61 degrees Fahrenheit around Jan-Feb and reaches its highest temperature around July at 102 degrees Fahrenheit.


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