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ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider has one mission: To help protect your home from intruders and harm so that you and your loved ones can focus on the important things in life. The safety of your family and your belongings is our main priority. We make sure to set up home security for you in a careful manner that considers all points of entry, while taking less than 24 hours to install the security systems so that your family doesn’t have to wait to feel safe. It is necessary to have a form of home security or alarm system in Colorado to help assure protection for your family, while helping keep your home from being a target of intrusion and burglary.

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All of our Security Advisors are certified and experts on home security. Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider certified Security Advisors will provide you with a free quote, answer all of your questions and consult with you on how to safeguard your home in Colorado. Once the desired package is selected, our Security Advisors will come to you to install your home security. We have many different branches throughout Colorado, which includes offices in Aurora, Colorado Springs, and Denver that can all help you with your home security needs.

Using Google to search “ADT locations near me” will help you find local Colorado service areas that you can visit or call to have any of your questions or inquiries answered in a timely manner. The goal of ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Colorado is to help equip your home with necessary home security and alarm equipment, and to help you learn and understand how to best use our services so that you can feel at ease about the safety of your family and possessions.

The possibility of having one’s home broken-into is often overlooked, as many people assume that just because they live in safe location their house would not get broken-into. If you have never really taken the time to imagine whether your home could be a target of burglary, you should ask yourself these questions: Can I say with certainty that my house is safe from intrusion and burglary? If my house was broken into, would I be surprised or wish that I had taken some preventative measures? These statistics below show that your home might not be as safeguarded from forced entry as you might think:

  • Around 88% of burglaries are committed in residential areas, while around 33% of all instances or robbery include the use of a gun
  • Of all crimes committed, around 77% is accounted for by property crimes and it is projected that around 3 out of 4 homes will have experienced a break-in in the United States some time in the next 20 years


It is possible that although you may have read or come across statistics such as the ones listed above, it still did not convince you to think differently about the safety of your home and your possessions. Looking at the perspective from the preventative side, LA Times reported homes without a form of home security or alarm system of being 300% more likely of experiencing a break-in, while the majority of burglars that have been convicted for their crimes admitted that once a security alarm was sounded, they fled the premises right away. ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Colorado is recognized throughout the country and will help cause intruders and burglars to give a second thought before choosing your home as a target of theft or crime. Help us help you protect your family and secure your belongings each step of the way.


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Colorado Crime Info

Protect Your Home, ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider wants to help protect a Colorado resident’s home, family, and possessions from burglary and other forms of residential crimes, and we encourage all residents to invest in home security and alarm systems in order to make residential safety a reality in Colorado. Although crime rates for the most part decreased or remained stable in the nation’s 30 largest cities in 2016, Colorado experienced a 3.4% increase in crime, which included auto thefts and robbery. Here are some general statistics on property crime in Colorado:

  • In Colorado, there is a 1 in 38 chance that you could be a victim of a property crime
  • In 2015, there were 23,454 reported burglaries and 104,682 reported thefts
  • The total property crimes per 100,000 residents is around 3,006


Crime rate in Colorado has been inconsistently trending over the past twenty years, as the number of crimes have fluctuated positively and negatively year over year. It is uncertain whether crime rate will drop or rise in your neighborhood, but with this past year showing a 3.4% increase in crime rate, Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider servicing Colorado strongly recommends that residents of Colorado take pro-active measures to ensure that their homes are not targets of burglary and theft. There are specific cities in Colorado that have seen high rates of property crime. Although it may seem obvious that large cities host a large number of property crimes, there are also smaller cities that have seen their fair share of such crimes. The three top cities that are considered the most dangerous in Colorado are as listed:

  1. Denver, CO: 23,343 property crimes, 5,129 burglaries, 97 arsons
  2. Colorado Springs, CO: 17,889 property crimes, 3,641 burglaries, 76 arsons
  3. Aurora, CO: 1,059 property crimes, 1,791 burglaries, 72 arsons


As a nationally recognized security provider, ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Colorado can help you install protective home security and alarm systems to keep your home safe. If you reside in any of these listed cities, Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider hopes that you to invest in the safety of your belongings and loved ones so that you are safe from unexpected break-ins and thefts that might lead to far greater negative consequences.

Colorado Home Security

Although Colorado has had an increase in crime rate, there are positive elements about Colorado that makes it a great place to live for residents and homeowners. Colorado has some of the country’s highest mountains, as the state actually has the tallest mean elevation in the United States. Due to its large landmass and natural sights that bring in a lot of tourists, the economy yielded $19 billion in spending money just from tourism in 2015. Listed below are some other 2015 statistics on Colorado that makes it a great place to reside:

  • The median of Colorado’s household income is around $63,509, which is higher than the average in the United States of about $55,775
  • The Census Bureau reports that Colorado is one of the fifteen fastest growing states in the nation and also one of the healthiest
  • Colorado is ranked number one for economy in the nation with very high GDP growth and job growth


Colorado is ranked #28 in low property crime rate, meaning that your home is still at a risk of being a target for burglary and theft. ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Colorado will help lower the risk of your home being a target of intrusion. Because Protect Your Home partners work closely with law enforcement to make sure that whenever there is a break-in, deployment and help is immediately sent, this will help discourage intruders from even thinking about breaking into your home. Install our home security system so that we can help protect and monitor your home, while you and your loved ones are able to focus on enjoying the other important things in life.


More than 200,000 people are helped every year by Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider with the goal of partnering together to install home security that will keep their families and belongings safe. ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Colorado does not just provide one safeguard against theft and other types of unwanted intrusion. Through the combination of video surveillance, alarm systems, and communication with law enforcement, precise preventative measures are taken in order to both keep intruders away from your home, while sending help to your home as soon as possible if needed to mitigate any further loss or damage. As one of the most effective home security systems installer in Colorado, Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider can be trusted to help you protect and secure your home.

ADT-monitored Home Security Equipment for Colorado

The ADT-monitored security packages for Colorado give you the option to choose from many different equipment options. Our Security Advisors will consult with you to help find security or alarm equipment that is best suited for the protection of your home and will provide for you a free quote. Equipment choices include:

  1. ADT Pulse App - Just because you leave your house doesn’t mean you should be unaware of what’s going on. Have access to your security system wherever you go with the ADT Pulse App and receive notifications whenever your ADT-monitored Home Security Equipment is triggered. Whether you’re using your desktop, tablet, or smartphone, know exactly what’s happening inside and around your home, all in real time.
  2. Glass Break Detector/Shock Sensors - While our glass break detectors warn you and the authorities any time that the sensors pick up frequencies of glass being broken or wood being cracked, they are also equipped with “dual technology”. This means that they have the ability to pick up and warn you about the most relevant sounds, ignoring false alarms that include sounds like lightning, animal noises, or cars driving by. They provide a lot of flexibility as you are able to place them anywhere around your home without having to use a connecting wire.
  3. High Decibel Alarm Sirens - Our home security sirens send out a clear warning noise at a very high decibel, which is meant to scare away intruders, while it is also designed to be loud enough to help wake you up if you’re sleeping. In the case that you are not home, its loud sound helps alert your nearby neighbors that there is a disturbance in your home, giving the intruder a clear message to get out.

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It’s often been said that it takes a village. In today’s hectic world, we can all use some help, whether that’s with pool care or house sitting. Our busy lives often require that we bring in people to fill in for us when we can’t be there. Maybe you hire lawn maintenance to care for your patch of grass. Perhaps you have a nanny who helps take care of the kids or your elderly relative has a caretaker who stops by regularly. Many homeowners have people coming and going from their house who don’t live there or just need temporary access. How can you keep your home safe? A personal security system has what you need.

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Here’s how a personal security system can help you care for your home when people are coming and going:

  • Individual codes: Most personal security systems offer you the convenience of assigning codes to individuals. This allows you to track when people enter and exit your home. If you have issues, you can narrow down when certain people were present in your home. The flexibility of custom security also means that you don’t have to be present to let people in or see them out.
  • Mobile access: If you need to let someone in your home and you aren’t comfortable assigning a code, you can use the ADT Mobile App to arm and disarm your personal security system so that you are in complete control. With the ADT Mobile App, you make the choice when people enter and when they leave.
  • Security cameras: Many personal security systems offer the use of security cameras. Security cameras often allow for video streaming. You can use security cameras to peek in on any visitors and check on the status of any work being completed. Security cameras often allow for streaming so that you can view what’s happening in your home in real time.
  • Exceptions: Some personal security systems will allow you to make exceptions for sensors. This means that you could arm your system so that normal security system monitoring continues, but disengage one sensor to allow access to only a particular area. For example, if you have a door sensor on your garage and a lawn maintenance person needs access to that area, you can disengage that sensor specifically so that your house remains secure, while allowing someone to enter your garage.

As technology advances, you can personalize your custom security system so that it fits nearly any circumstance you find yourself facing.

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