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About Our Aurora Home Security Branch

Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Aurora employs advanced technology and technicians to prepare you for any kind of situation involving your home. With one of our home security systems, you can rest assured that your home will be monitored as you tend to the rest of your daily needs. Protect Your Home in Aurora is committed to helping protect homeowners from outside intruders with 24-hour surveillance and ADT monitoring. Call our office and schedule a home security system installation at your earliest convenience. Our installers will walk you through the security features so that you will be thoroughly and comfortably prepared in the event of a home-related emergency.

Security Products and Solutions:

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24 Hour ADT Monitoring

Our advanced surveillance cameras can detect any signs of intrusion and ADT can contact emergency response teams. Your home will be provided with 24/7 surveillance, and will be monitored for any suspicious activity day and night. Stay informed on movements surrounding your home at all times, whether you’re at work for the day or on vacation for the week.

Affordable Security Solutions 

Everyone should have the right to a worry-free environment and a safe home. In addition to providing top-of-the-line equipment and customer support, we are also committed to delivering these services at a convenient and low price for all of our clients. Start monitoring your home today for a fraction of the monthly cost of Wi-Fi or electricity.

Quick and convenient home security installation

Protect Your Home – ADT Authorized Premier Provider will help you understand all aspects of your system so that you can be as prepared as possible for any emergency situation. Our team of locally based home security experts will answer any questions that you may have during the security system installation.

Protect Your Home – ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Aurora advises residents to explore measures of protection from home intrusions. With a population of over 359,000 people, Aurora is one of the most populated cities in the state of Colorado. As a result, it has a higher volume of crime in comparison to other Colorado cities. In 2016, an average of 79 crimes per square mile were reported in Aurora, compared to 44 per square mile in the state overall.

Aurora homeowners and residents can help prevent burglary and theft by installing one of our advanced home security systems as early as tomorrow. A home security system equipped with 24-hour video surveillance is exceptionally effective in helping defend your home against property crime. Once installed, the system will send you notifications in case of any change or emergency, and you’ll receive access to the police or other emergency response teams.

The following statistics provide a closer look at property crime in Aurora, CO:

  • 1 in 34 residents of Aurora are likely to become victims of property crime
  • Over 10,500 property crimes are reported every year
  • Over 1,600 burglaries and 7,600 thefts were reported in 2016


Each year, thousands of families are affected by crimes such as burglary and theft. Aurora’s rate of burglary—4.68 crimes reported for every 1000 residents—is slightly lower than the national average, 4.91 for every 1000 residents. Nevertheless, home security is a relevant and important asset available to you as an Aurora homeowner. Employ Protect Your Home - ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider offering ADT monitoring in Aurora in your quest to keep your home safe from intrusions. Installing ADT’s monitoring service in your home will help provide you with a defense against any outside threat or emergency situation.

It is important to us that residents of Aurora understand the safety of their surroundings and their options for home security. Call and schedule an installation today to help protect your family and home with ADT’s Authorized Premier Provider in Aurora.

With pristine upkeep of its outdoor attractions, Aurora draws many nature lovers to its borders each year. Cherry Creek State Park is the city’s highest rated attraction, offering grounds for swimming, hiking, picnics, and horseback riding. The Aurora Reservoir also offers a wide range of outdoor activities, including paddle boarding, boating, fishing, and scuba diving.

For indoor adventurers, the Southlands shopping center is one of the largest and most comprehensive malls in the area, featuring an outdoor ice skating rink during the winter months and holiday season. Downtown, the Vintage Theater presents several highly anticipated productions each year. Additionally, the Aurora History Museum, located just near the Denver airport, has a highly-lauded collection of art and exhibits that capture the region’s unique landscape and history.

Spanning over 150 square miles, Aurora is home to a myriad of families ranging in jobs, wealth, education, and ethnicity. In 2010, the median household income was $53,011, right on par with that of the United States. Many of Aurora’s residents work in healthcare, retail, accommodation, and construction occupations. The most common languages spoken are English and Spanish, and the overall level of adult education is higher than the US average. Compared to the national 21.84%, roughly 27.9% of Aurora’s adult population hold a degree at the bachelor’s level or higher.


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